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October 30, 2010

Ph.D., Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Zero Point, Box 700, Kemptville, Ontario Canada K0G-1J0


•   Ph.D Psychology –Clinical Division, University of Waterloo, 1978.
•   Thirty years experience as a dynamic teacher, lecturer, therapist and group leader, with innovative approaches to    
    psychology, counselling and
•   11 years of university teaching experience
•   12 years of correctional experience with adult inmates and young offenders.
•   Experience in maximum security, segregation, and emergency services.
•   Assessment experience with basic I. Q. measures (W.A.I.S./ W.I.S.C.),
       projective tests, personality inventories, the L.S.I., the D. S. M. and the M.M.P.I.
•   Providing testimony as an expert witness.; Knowledge of psychiatric medications, the effects of illicit drugs on
     behaviour and experience.

•   Broad knowledge of statistics, experimental methodologies and computers.
•   Author, teacher, and researcher with expertise in consciousness studies, mysticism and modern science.
•   Formerly registered with the Ontario College of Psychologists, No. 1328.  As of 2010, Christopher has not renewed his inactive status, doubtfull of the integrity of the College. 



  Staff Psychologist, 1994 to 2003. 
Rideau Correctional and Treatment Centre, Merrickville. 
Ontario Ministry of Public Safety and Security

•   Duties include the provision of dorm programs for anger management and addictions, individual and group therapy.
•   Participation in multi-disciplinary clinical meetings.
•   Reporting of assessments and progress summaries.
•   Provision of clinical services to segregation areas, suicide watches, protective custody, maximum security, and
 Health Care.

•   Providing counselling through the Brockville, Prescott and Kemptville Probation and Parole services.
•   involvement with Native Brotherhood, sweats and aboriginal Spirituality

Psychologist I, 1990-1994

Ontario Ministry of Corrections, Bluewater Youth Centre, Goderich, Ontario.
•   Providing individual and group counselling on the maximum security unit.
•   Development of sex offender treatment program.
•   Assessment and Research with the M. M. P. I., and M. M. P. I. - A..


York University
Assistant Professor and Special Lecturer

1977-1989 Cross-appointment, Psychology Department and the Counselling and Development Centre, York University, Downsview, Ontario
•   Teaching introductory psychology, personality theory, abnormal psychology, counselling and psychotherapy, and speciality courses on the psychology of consciousness and mystical/spiritual psychologies.
•   Supervised graduate and undergraduate student.
•   Coordination of Emergency Service, Group Programs and provision of student counselling.



2004-2010 Director, Zero Point: Institute for Mystical & Spiritual Science, Kars, Ontario K0A-2E0
2004-2006 Private Practice, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Kars, Ontario.
2003 Zero Point, Institute for Mystical and Spiritual Science, Box 707, Merrickville.
1998-2001, Kemptville, Zero Point, 17 Clothier Str., Co-founder and Director
1992-1994, private practice, Dr. Cauchi's Medical Clinic, 27 Bruce Street,
       Goderich, Ontario. Individual, and couples counselling.
1990-1994 Consultant to the Huron Board of Education, Clinton; and the
       Homestead Group Home, Goderich, Ontario.
1986-1988, Rainbow Centre, Bloor Street, Toronto, Co-founder and Director



•   Mystical and spiritual views of human consciousness, the process of self realization, the multi-dimensional nature of reality, explorations of creation dynamics, the physics and metaphysics of human consciousness.

•   Forensic psychology and correctional work: Work with the M.M.P.I. and the M.M.P.I.- A, and the classification of young offenders. Interests in the psychopathy construct, criminal typology, sex offender treatment, the D. S. M. and L S I, and recidivism studies.


•   I have over thirty years experience as an individual and group therapist. Along more traditional lines, I have knowledge and experience with cognitive and behavioural approaches; methods of relaxation and anger/stress/anxiety management; addictions counselling; the use of breath work and awareness exercises; and active short term psychotherapy. In addition, I have been influenced by a wide range of non-traditional, growth oriented mystical and spiritual psychologies. I employ original self study methods in my work –particularly the use of self-remembering and breath work to enhance the life of the soul.

•   I have developed a unique approach to offender rehabilitation based on consciousness studies and mystical/spiritual investigations. In contrast to traditional cognitive-behavioural approaches, I emphasize the awakening of consciousness and the heart. The program philosophy is brought into materials dealing with substance abuse, anger and stress management, and lifestyles. Offenders in the “Awareness, Freedom and Choices”program, learn a method of self study and self remembering, in order to de-automatize habits of thinking, feeling and action which compose their false personality. Participants are encouraged to “wake up,” to take a broad overview of their life course, to develop awareness of their patterns of negative emotions and self-centeredness, to experience remorse and the awakening of conscience. The aim is presented of struggling to get back to one’s essence and attain real ‘I.’  The primary thrust is towards the awakening of consciousness and the heart through the process of self-remembering.



     Book I: The Heart Doctrine: Mystical Views of the Origin and Nature of Human Consciousness, Zero Point
         Publications, Kemptville, Ontario,
2002/2010.  ISBN 0-9689435-0-0

•  Book II: Microcosm/Macrocosm: Towards a Metaphysics and Cosmology of
Consciousness. Zero Point
     Publications, Kemptville, Ontario, 2002/2010.
  ISBN 0-9689435-1-9

•   Psychological Illusions: Explorations of the G. I. Gurdjieff Fourth Way Teaching. Zero Point Publications,     Kemptville Ontario, 2001/2010.   ISBN 0-9689435-2-7

•   God., Science & The Secret Doctine; On the Zero Point Metaphysics and Holographic Space of H. P. Blavatsky.
     Zero Point Publications, Kemptville, Ontario, 2010.  ISBN 0-9689435-5-1

•   “The Slugs:”On G. I. Gurdjieff’s Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson. Zero
Point Publications, Kars, Ontario,
     2002/2010.  ISBN 0-9689435-4-3

.    Zero Point Teachings: Selected articles and writings of mystical psychologist and scientist Dr. Christopher
        Holmes.  Zero Point Publications, Kars, Ontario, 2006. 

Selections from these books are available at


Talks, Seminars and Papers

  • God, Science & The Secret Doctrine Lecture Series. October 2007 to February 2008, two tours of New Zealand sponsored by the Theosophical Society of New Zealand. 
  • Within Without from Zero-Point Lecture Series. Ottawa 2000-2006, monthly seminars at the Ottawa Citizen Building. 
  • Montreal IIIHS International Convention 2006:  On intelligent design, the mysteries of creation and zero point dynamics.
  • On Higher Education & Spiritual Science.  Brief submitted to the Robert Rae review of post-secondary education in Ontario.  December 2004.
  • Within Without from Zero-Point.  Lectures and courses, May 2003, May 2004, November 2004. International Institute of Integral Human Sciences, Montreal, Quebec.
  • January 2003, Carleton University, Criminology and Criminal Justice Society. A Mystical Psychology of  Consciousness, and its Clinical Application with Criminal Offenders.
  • Awakening of Consciousness and the Heart in Criminal Offenders. Mental Health in Corrections Symposium, Kansas City, 1998.
  • The M.M.P.I. and M.M.P.I.- A.: Profiles of Adolescents in Secure Custody.  Ontario Psychological Association conference, Toronto, 1994.
  • An Approach to the Assessment and Treatment of Adolescent Sex Offenders in Secure Custody. Ontario Psychological Association, Toronto, 1994.
  • Holmes, C., Albert, W., Cameron, P. M.M.P.I. Profiles of the Violent and Dangerous Young Offender, Ontario Psychological Association. 1992
  • WITHIN/WITHOUT: Mystical Science for the New Age. Article series published in Dimensions magazine, Toronto. May 1989-March 1990.
   Part I: On the question of the existence of God and the Mysteries of creation. May 1989.
    Part II: Soul-less psychology &the enigmas of human consciousness. June 1989.
    Part III: The Heart doctrine. July 1989.
    Part IV: Mystical Dimensions of the Zero-points. August, 1989.
    Part V: On consciousness, the heart and the alchemy of the blood. September 1989.
    Part VI: On near-death experiences, afterlife and the issues of evidence. October 1989.
    Part VII: The Enigmas of Science and Cosmic Space. November 1989.
    Part VIII: Mystical views of death, afterworlds and the cycles of life. December 1989.
    Part IX: The Universe and the Gods. January 1990.
    Part X: Mystical perspectives on the holographic paradigm. February 1990.
    Part XI: A fool at the zero-point. March 1990.

Holmes, C. Comparative studies of mystical-religious doctrines and modern science: A brief on  religious and spiritual education presented to the Ministerial Inquiry on Religious  Education. Bovey Commission, Toronto, 1989.

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