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August 5, 2010


Internet Survey Results!

Dr. Holmes has conducted an internet survey of thirteen major Canadian University psychology programs, from coast to coast--in order to inquiry as to what is available to an inquiring student who would like to learn something of mystical and spiritual psychologies, or paranormal studies, within the Canadian University system and modern psychology.  The results are somewhat disheartning!  Only one of thirteen universities offers any course options in this area, and there is not a single professor having expertise or interest in the psychology of the soul, consciousness or spirit, nor the interface between psychology, mysticism and science.  This is despite the overwhelming public interest and belief in the significance of these areas, and the fact that the enigmas of consciousness are the most significant issue in science today.


An Internet Survey of
Canadian University Psychology Departments

    I have recently conducted a survey over the internet of Canadian Universities, to determine what is offered in the areas of spiritual and mystical psychology, psychology as a science of the soul, consciousness studies, or paranormal investigations, within our university system.  In particular, I have reviewed the psychology programs at the Universities of Victoria and Vancouver in British Columbia, the University of Alberta, the University of Regina–Saskatchewan, the University of Winnipeg-Manitoba, three Universities in Ontario–York University, the University of Waterloo and Carleton University, McGill University in Quebec,  and the major Universities in P. E. I., New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.  This survey has examined the psychology programs of thirteen universities in Canada, from coast to coast.

    The survey was conducted by exploring the web sites of the varied psychology programs, counting up how many undergraduate and graduate courses are offered in each department, and how many of these had anything to do with consciousness studies, investigations of the human spirit or soul, paranormal phenomena and the like.  Further, I investigate how many professors there are in each program, and how many of these have any interest or expertise in these areas.

    In brief: The University of Victoria ( offers 41 different undergraduate courses in various areas of psychology, and over 20 graduate courses, with 47 full time professors and 7 part time.  The university offers no courses on consciousness or spiritual studies, and no professors describe expertise in these areas.

     The University of Vancouver ( offers 41 undergraduate courses, and 20 graduate course, with 47 full time professors and 7 part time.  Once again, there are no courses on consciousness or spiritual psychologies, and no professor describes themselves as having any interest or expertise in these areas.  Thus, British Columbia’s two largest universities have effectively banished the study of spirit and soul, consciousness and the heart, and the mysteries of the human psyche–from the province.  Quite impressive BC!

    The University of Alberta ( offers 50 different undergraduate courses and 17 graduate, with 30 full time faculty.  Once again, nothing is offered in the said areas and no faculty members have expertise in these subjects.  One course offering which mentions consciousness studies, is offered from a cognitive perspective (which offers exactly what I would describe as the false understanding which pervades the modern discipline of psychology.)

    The University of Regina, Saskatchewan ( is the one university found which offers some courses in the areas of this inquiry.  Of 85 undergraduate courses and 41 graduate, there are four course offerings which include “Studies in yoga,” “Consciousness Studies,” “Humanistic/Transpersonal Psychology,” and “Parapsychology.”   These specialty courses are not consistently offered, and were not part of the core curriculum.  The University of Regina should be commended for at least offering some courses in these areas.  Of the 13 main faculty members who describe their work, none of them list expertise in the areas of discussion, and so the courses are seemingly offering by part-time faculty members.

    In Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg ( offers 67 undergraduate courses and lists 21 faculty members, and offers no courses on consciousness studies, spiritual psychology or paranormal studies, and no professors have expertise in these areas.

     Next, we come to the province of Ontario, in our survey.  It is in the province where I received my so-called “higher education”– first as an undergraduate at Carleton University and  then as a graduate student at the University of Waterloo. In fact, I was never exposed to anything along the line of what I now understand as mystical and spiritual psychology, consciousness studies etc., throughout my nine years of ‘higher education.’   I receiving a Ph.D. in 1978.  I was then employed at York University from 1977 to 1989, and once again never encountered any other faculty members or courses on these topics–except those courses which  I taught during my time at York.  Thus in my twenty years of exposure to the Ontario higher educational system, I was never exposed to any influences, investigations or teachings in these areas.  This in fact was a huge disservice to me.  Fortunately,  I encountered such influences and teachings during my Ph.D. studies, not from within the university but from outside, and I have since studied these areas for approximately thirty years, along with my studies of psychology and science.    Anyway, I will review the programs at Carleton University, the University of Waterloo, and York University in order to explore what is available to students within our so-called ‘progressive’ post-secondary educational system in the province of Ontario.

    Carleton University  ( offers approximately 50 undergraduate courses and 27 graduate courses–with nothing offered in the areas of our concern.  Of the 49 faculty members in the department, no one acknowledges any interests or expertise in these areas, as far as I could determine (giving the limitations of the web search.)

    The University of Waterloo ( offers approximately 38 undergraduate courses, and 40 graduate courses (although these figures are somewhat difficult to determine from the web site).  These programs are offered by 26 full time professors, and 14 adjunct professors.  Once again, there are no courses offered in the areas we are exploring, and no professors acknowledge interest or expertise in these areas.

    Lastly, we come to York University in Downsview, Ontario.  (  York boasts one of the biggest psychology departments in the country and offers approximately 48 undergraduate courses and 81 graduate courses, with seemingly over 60 full time professors.  At York, once again, there are no courses at either the graduate or undergraduate areas offered on any of the topic of our concern, and no faculty member offers any expertise in these areas.
    To further investigate York University, I sent them the following question by email.  This was sent under an email address other than my own, because of my past notoriety at York.  The question was posed by an inquiry student, who wants to study spiritual psychology in the province of Ontario, or anywhere in Canada for that matter.  The question read:

               I am interested in whether or not your department offers any courses
on spiritual or mystical psychology, the study of paranormal or psychic phenomena, 
or studies of human consciousness.  I am interested in courses in these areas.  
Do you know of any professors with such interests who you  might direct me to?  Thank you.

The response, from Anita Helman of the York University Undergraduate office, read simply: "We do not offer any courses in these areas."  (November 9, 2004)

    Moving onward to McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, (, the department offers 63 undergraduate courses and 49 graduate, with 43 full time professors and 16 part time.  Again, there were no course offerings in these areas and no professors described interests or expertise on these subjects.  The response to the email inquiry stated: “I’m afraid there isn’t anyone in that area here in psychology,” and it was suggested that I “try religious studies.”

    The four remaining eastern provinces demonstrate the same patterns. The University of New Brunswick, Fredericton (, offers over 50 undergraduate courses and 38 graduate courses with 17 full time professors, yet offers nothing within these areas.

The University of Nova Scotia in Halifax ( offers 62 undergraduate courses, over 20 graduate courses with 34 full time professors, and similarly provides no instruction or expertise in these areas for students.

Lastly, and not least, the University of Prince Edward Island ( offers over 49 undergraduate courses, with 13 full time professors;

while the University of Newfoundland ( offers over 53 undergraduate courses, 29 graduate courses, with 29 full time faculty, yet again both departments completely ignore all the issues of human consciousness, spirit and soul, and the issues of the heart.

     The results of the survey are clear.  There are approximately 429 full time psychology faculty in thirteen universities across Canada, and none of them have expertise in these areas of our concern-in the psychology of consciousness, the heart, spirit and soul.  There is no possibility for students in Canada to be exposed to the esoteric and spiritual psychologies of humankind, as such teachings are completely ignored within the modern "science of behavior and the mind."  Of the 697 undergraduate courses offered across Canada, there were four secondary course offerings exploring alternative models and transpersonal areas, all at one University.  Of the 382 graduate level courses offered across Canada, there are no opportunities for students to study any aspects of human consciousness, spirit or soul, or paranormal studies.  Modern psychology has effectively dismissed the most solitary important area of psychological investigation from the discipline--the science of consciousness, spirit and soul!
    The primary deficit of modern post-secondary education and the so-called scientific psychology dominant within Canadian Universities–is that the issues of consciousness, the heart and the soul, the nature of spirit, and paranormal phenomena are almost completely ignored.  Meanwhile, much of the theory and research being conducted is severely misguided, ill-informed and invented, with little advantage to the study of the human psyche.  The modern approach to “cognitive psychology”–the big rage, supposedly at the forefront of psychology, is quite misguided in its approach to consciousness studies.
    In fact, if someone were to come to me seeking “self-knowledge” or seeking to understand the nature and mysteries of consciousness and reality, I would strongly advise against pursuing academic studies in psychology, as well as other areas of university education, which similarly lack a mystical/spiritual perspective.  Modern psychology has almost completely abandoned the investigation of the mysteries of life, the heart, and human consciousness.  If a person is spiritually inclined, modern academic studies will create enough confusion and misguided notions, as to squelch any such natural ‘thirst for being.’
    Thus, we have a situation where psychology departments offer no service to the vast majority of Ontario residents who might want to study spiritual psychology, seek self-knowledge, or who want to understand paranormal phenomena (as occur all the time in everyday life.)  The pseudo-scientists have simply closed their eyes to the most important areas of psychological studies and “higher education.”  The universities in this way are failing to meet their mandate to foster spiritual growth within our society, or to foster investigations into the mysteries of life.

   If people only had some realization of this profound deficit in modern education, particularly in the supposed modern study of psychology, they would be appalled.


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