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June 14, 2011


On G. I. Gurdjieff's Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson


Section II

4.  On Pleasure, Sperm, Sex & Abstinence

“… they well know only this ‘being-Exioehary’

which they call ‘sperm,’ and even masterfully perform

with it various kinds of their ‘manipulations.’ (p. 792)

 In the Tales, Beelzebub explains the unfortunate events which happened on planet Earth, the cosmic disruptions that led to the implanting and then removal of the organ Kundabuffer and how these events brought about the degeneration of the human psyche:

 “... when various consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer had already begun to be crystallized in their presences, a being impulse began to be formed in them which later became predominant. 


“This impulse is now called ‘pleasure’; and in order to satisfy it they had already begun to exist in a way unbecoming to three-centered beings, namely, most of them gradually began to remove this same sacred being-substance from themselves only for the satisfaction of the said impulse. ... most of them ceased to utilize this sacred substance consciously for coating their higher being-bodies ... .”  (p. 276)

 The three-centered beings squander their “sacred being-substance”–of sperm and comparable substances in women–simply to satisfy the impulses of pleasure.  Further, they know nothing of the importance of these substances for their own evolution and the crystallizing of the higher being-bodies.

 Beelzebub offers very interesting teachings about the role of sexual energies in the process of acquiring a soul.  The transmutation of these sexual energies is an essential part of the inner alchemy by which the Kesdjan body and the highest being-body are crystallized:

 “This sacred substance which arises in the presences of beings of every kind is almost everywhere else called ‘Exioehary’; but your favourites on the planet Earth call it ‘sperm.’


“... this sacred substance arises in the presences of all beings without distinction of brain system and exterior coating, chiefly in order that by its means they might, consciously or automatically, fulfill that part of their being-duty which consists in the continuation of the species; but in the presences of three-brained beings it arises also in order that it might be consciously transformed in their common presences for coating their highest being-bodies for their own Being.”  (pp. 275-6)

 Beelzebub explains to Hassein that although the three-brained beings know of the “being-Exioehary,” yet they do not understand its functions and they perform all kinds of “manipulations” with it, wasting and squandering it whenever possible.  Beelzebub describes such misuse of sexual energies as the “chief vice of contemporary three-brained beings”—part of “the inheritance from the ancient Romans.  Beelzebub describes the “phenomenal depravity” which began during early Roman times with the invention of orgies, varied ‘sexual turns’ and the “passion-for-depravity.”  


When Beelzebub visits the Earth on his sixth descent, he proposed “to attain, at any cost, the final elucidation to myself of all the genuine causes why the psyche of those three-brained beings … had on that planet become so exceptionally strange.”  (p. 415)   Beelzebub concludes that the abnormalities of contemporary beings were due in part to the “civilization sown by those two large groups of beings called Greeks and Romans.”    Beelzebub describes the influences of the fishermen and shepherds of these early societies:

 The Greeks were the cause why the Reasons of the three-brained beings there began gradually to degenerate and ultimately became so degenerate that among contemporary beings it is already as our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin says, ‘a-real-mill-for-nonsense.’

 And the Romans were the cause why … those factors are never crystallized in the presences of the contemporary three-brained beings there, which in other three-brained beings engender the impulse called ‘instinctive shame’; that is to say, the being impulse that maintains what are called ‘morals’ and ‘objective morality.’   (pp. 417-418)

 It was the invention of ‘sciences’ by the bored Greek fishermen that lead to the degeneration of human reason, while the Roman shepherds were to invent all kinds of ‘sexual turns’ resulting in the degeneration of their ‘morality.’   Beelzebub recounts:

 “Concerning the ancient shepherds who later formed the great powerful community called ‘Rome,’ their ancestors also were often forced, on account of bad weather, to put their flocks into sheltered places, and to pass the time together somehow or other.

 “Being together, they had ‘various talks.’  But when everything had been talked out and they felt bored, then one of them suggested that as a relief they should take up the pastime which they called for the first time ‘cinque-contra-uno’ (five-against-one), an occupation which has been preserved down to the present time …

 “As long as only the beings of the male sex then engaged in that occupation, everything went ‘quietly and peacefully,’ but when a little later their ‘passive halves,’ that is to say their women, also joined in, who, immediately appreciating it, soon became addicted to it, they then gradually attained in these ‘occupations’ such ‘finesses,’ that even if our All-universal Arch-cunning Lucifer should rack his honorable brains, he could not even invent a tithe of the ‘turns’ these erstwhile shepherds then invented and ‘prepared’ for the beings of the succeeding generations of that ill-fated planet.  (pp. 419-420)

 In their turn, the Greeks and Romans had a strong influence upon each other:

 “… the Greek beings, borrowing from the Roman beings all the finesses of sexual ‘turns,’ began arranging their ‘Athenian nights,’ while the Roman beings, having learned from the Greek beings how to cook up ‘sciences,’ composed their later very famous what is called ‘Roman law.’  (p. 421)

 The sexual turns, orgies, group sex and such, invented by the Romans and imitated by the Greeks, passed from generation to generation through imitation to contemporary European and American life.  Beelzebub explains that the major contribution of the Romans to modern language was primarily “the special words required for orgies.” 

The pervasive misuse and squandering of sexual energies became a chief abnormality characterizing the life of humanity and serving the degradation of the human psyche:

 “And thus, little by little, the ‘inventions’ of those two ancient communities have brought it about that already, at the present time, the psyche of your favorites—shaky enough already before then—has now become so unhinged in all of them, without exception, that both their ‘world outlook’ and the whole ordering of their daily existence rest and proceed exclusively on the basis of those two said inventions of the beings of that Greco-Roman civilization, namely, on the basis of fantasying, and of ‘striving-for-sexual-gratification.’  (p. 424)

 Beelzebub explains that the “passion for depravity” and the “striving-for-sexual-gratification” became dominant and pervasive abnormalities.  Sexuality became a “perverted function.”  with the consequence that:

 “... all the impulses arising in them, in the sense of striving for evolution are already automatically paralyzed at their very roots, and which they themselves call ‘sexuality.’”  (p. 534)

 The three-centered beings on planet Earth, through the wastage of their sacred sexual substances, paralyse the impulse to strive towards their self-perfection:

 “I must sadly remark that the mentioned depraved inherency already completely fixed in their common presences is for them, particularly for your contemporary favorites, already an ‘automatically acting’ means of destroying to their very root even those impulses which sometimes arise in them from manifestations worthy of three-brained beings and which evoke in them the what is called ‘thirst-for-Being.’  (p. 794)

 Beelzebub depicts some of the further pathologies that results “when they do not remove it from themselves.” In this case, your favorites experience the sensation of “Sirklinianmen” or being “out of sorts”– grumpy and irritable.  At the worst of times, when several of their years pass without beings of the opposite sex, Beelzebub describes the men-beings as turning to “onanism” (masturbation) and “pederasty.”  The history of sexual misconduct within the churches and among other groups of ‘sexual psychopaths’ and special societies verifies the difficulties arising when the slugs do not consciously transform the sacred sexual substances and are dominated by the crystallization of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer.   Beelzebub describes onanism one of humans’ means of self calming—of putting oneself to sleep and maintaining the life of a slug.

Further, because your favorites do not actualize their ‘being-Partkdolg-duty,’ these sexual substances begin to “involve back ... towards those crystallizations from which their evolution began.”  This involution of the sexual substances tends to “‘deperfect’ their previously established essence-individuality,” leading to innumerable “illnesses” and diminishing the “thirst for Being.”

 And so, the slugs do not use the substances of the ‘Exioehary’ for their own self-perfection, to coat and perfect the higher being-bodies, or even to consciously reproduce themselves.  Without such an inner alchemy, the beings are described as “strongly sensing the emptiness of their existence.” 

 Beelzebub explains that the knowledge of the origin and significance of the “being-Exioehary’ was known among some of the inhabitants of Atlantis and afterwards among various groups of genuine initiates.  However, after periods of war and other catastrophes, this ancient knowledge was lost.   Fragments of such knowledge survived but without any precise understanding of what was involved.  This led some of the three-brained beings to strive for self-perfection by “abstaining from the ejection from oneself in the customary manner of these substances formed in them called sperm ....”  (p. 807)  Unfortunately, the beings did not understand the necessity of fulfilling of their being-Partkdolg-duty, if this abstinence was to have its desired effect–in terms of quenching the thirst for being.

 Instead, they began “to imitate” the practices of the genuine initiates and began to organize themselves in various groups and sects, putting this abstinence into effect.  Thus, “monasteries” were established and various “monks” began to refrain from the ejection of sperm, but little was ever achieved as the brothers did not understand the importance of fulfilling one’s being obligations, or of “intentionally absorbing” the second and third being-foods.  These practices led to varied pathologies and perversions according to Beelzebub.

Beelzebub elaborates upon two ill-effects of such ill-advised abstinence–characterizing humankind in his surrealistic and humorous fashion:


“The first kind of action of this definite substance consists in this, that it promotes the depositing of superfluous what is called ‘Karatsiag,’ or, as they call it there “fat.”  And its second kind of action promotes the arising and the dispersing over the whole planetary body of what are called ‘Poisonioonoskirian-vibrations.’


“... one indeed meets among them these fat monks specimens with such an abundant deposit  of fat, that they could give many points to that form of being there which they expressly fatten in order to increase this same fat in their planetary bodies, and this form of being they call there ‘pig.’


“And in the second case, on the contrary, these abstaining monks become, as it also usually said there, ‘meagre-thin’; and the action of the ‘Poisonioonoskirian-vibrations’ which penetrate through them is chiefly evident in their general psyche which becomes sharply dual and the manifestations of which are divided into two diametrically opposite kinds–the outer, visible and for show, sensed by everyone around them, and the inner and hidden, which the ordinary beings there, especially the contemporary, are entirely incapable of ascertaining or perceiving–namely, in their outer visible manifestations, these ‘Poisonioonoskirian-monks’ appear to what your favorites would express as ‘bigots’ of a high degree; and in their hidden inner manifestations, not shown to others, what your favorites would call ‘expert cynics,’ also of a high degree.


“As regards the causes why ‘Poisonioonoskirian-vibrations’ are obtained among certain of the abstaining monks from the involutionary process of the Exioehary instead of the deposit of fat, there even exists one detailed theory ... that this proceeds because in the first year of their existence these same ‘thin monks’ very zealously occupied themselves with that occupation from which ‘pimples’–known even to medicine there–generally appear on the faces of young beings there.”  (pp. 808-810)


Beelzebub is referring to masturbation as that activity which gives youth pimples and which predisposes the monks to either the accumulation of fat or the formation of bigotry and cynicism. Beelzebub offers shocking portraits of humankind–the misuse and squandering of the sacred sexual energies and the involution of these substances into poisons.  The passion-for-depravity as the chief vice of your favorites certainly leads to various forms of degeneracy.

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