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New Zealand Tour

I would like to thank many individuals from the Theosophical Society of New Zealand who enabled me to spend a five month period in the most beautiful of countries –New Zealand.  In addition to contributing to the Society’s conference on Theosophy and Modern Science, I was able to provide two lecture series on the mystical psychology of consciousness and the heart, and esoteric studies of The Secret Doctrine at Lodges throughout New Zealand.   I also had the opportunity to address the Forum in Auckland on two occasions.  Thank you all so much as I have never had such support for my teaching and work.

Schedule included talks at
Orewa, Whangarei, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Dannevirke, Napier, Hamilton, Wellington, Tauranga, Dunedin, Christchurch, Invercargill and Auckland through the months of November 2007 and February-March 2008. 

While in New Zealand, I met the inspired sculpturer and visionary artist Keith Simpson,

seeking support for an large outdoor sculpture installation, entitled “Genesis”

This expansive artistic piece would depict a central Creator Figure surrounded by secondary tier of Seven Angels & a third tier of 14 Guardians. The installation could also serve as a stage also for outdoor concerts, theatre and events. Something less new world order than the Georgia Stones, to be set in the rolling countryside of New Zealand.  While at the T. S. headquarters in N. Z., I met Keith and laid out this brief presentation of his work.  If any benefactors or visionary minded investors might want to support such a creative spiritual project, please contact Keith (or myself, as an intermediary.)

The Bridge between Science and Spirit
Seminars at the Theosophical Centre
4 Warborough Avenue, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand
Seminars by Christopher included:
Saturday 20 October, 2 pm. God, Science & The Secret Doctrine: 
On the creation physics and metaphysics of the SD in light of modern physics and cosmology,
and the vindication of Blavatsky's predictions concerning future science.

Sunday 21 October, 2 pm.
The Zero Point Metaphysics
and Holographic Space of H. P. Blavatsky: 

The archaic teaching of zero point laya centres is explored in terms of quantum information theory,
string and M-Theory, and holographic physics. 
Sunday 21 October, 4 pm. The Mysteries of the Heart Doctrine
& the Origin of Human Consciousness: 

The 'head dogma' of modern consciousness researchers is contrasted with 'the heart doctrine' of the S.D.,
the Stanzas of DzyanThe Voice of the Silence and the broader esoteric mystical tradition.

Sunday 21 October, 7 pm.'The Shift Movie' and 'Psi Wars'


 August 10-12, 2007   Petaluma, California

Theosophical International  Annual Conference

"Theosophy and New Frontiers of Science"

The 2007 conference was held at the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS),

on their beautiful 200 acre campus near Petaluma in northern California. 


Videos of Christopher's talk at IONS, August 2007

God, Science & The Secret Doctrine - Part I

Part II,  Part III,  Part IV

Thank you so much Odin, Garrett, Helena and many others.  and



Christopher on Coast to Coast Am with George Noory - February 13, 2007

Part I
Part II, Part III, Part IV
Part V, Part VI, Part VII  The materials are available through or

Email responses & shared inspirations to Dr. Holmes

to the Coast to Coast AM interview, February 2007


"Of all the things you spoke about, all the theories about the heart, zeropoint, and consciousness, I thought that what you told one of the callers about coming to the present, patting yourself over your heart and identifying with your breath was by far the most important for the audience to hear.  Somehow mankind must be made aware of the importance of being present.  Keep up the good work......"


"Your experience with the 'prisoners' in the "Jails" is such a wonderful metaphor, as we are all prisoners within the veil of Maya and ego, and only Divine Love and Union will set us free, and heal this tormented, lost world. "



Christopher giving copies of his WWZP series to filmaker Guy Ritchie

after being asked to contribute to Guy's films on Ego and Kabbalist teachings.

a documentary film on New Century Metaphysics

Dr. Holmes is among the many interviews and features in this upcoming film to be released in 2009.


Live from Kars, Ontario 
online through cyberspace
& the Astral Theatre, England

The  Astral Theatre will feature Dr. Christopher Holmes for a live on-line lecture. Visit the theatre billboard
and familiarize yourself with the site.  Book your seats for an adventure 
into the mysteries of consciousness, the heart and creation.
 Dates to be posted when available.

What a World Radio

January 15th -  Host Dr. Nevyn Campanella and Dr. Christopher Holmes discussed the work of Baird Spalding &  Life & Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

2005 - Nevyn interviewed Dr. Holmes on What a World Radio.
Both shows are available through the archive service at:

May 5-14
IIIHS International Conference
Montreal, Quebec


Dr. Holmes' presentation
is on Friday, May 12 at 9-12 am.

Included among the more than 60 presenters are:

NICK ARRIZZA, MD, “Healing the Collective Mind with Spirit” (The Mind Resonance Process™) • MADAN BALI, PhD, “Allowing the Infinite Intelligence Within to Heal and Balance Us” • Rev. KAY CELESTE BARRETT, MTC, “Encouraging Divine Transformations of Consciousness in Our Inner and Outer Worlds” • JAMES & ROBERTA BEAL, “Evolving the Paradigm to Include the Environment” • GILLES BEAUDRY, PhD, “Facing Challenges and Coping Creatively for Healing, Growth, and Transformation” • FADEL BEHMAN, PhD, “The New Biology/Physics/Medicine” • DANNION BRINKLEY, “Encounters in Near-Death Awareness” • COURTNEY BROWN, PhD, “Remote Viewing and the Scientific PSI Wars” • JANET ELIZABETH COLI, PhD, “Sacred Encounters and Interspecies Communications” • ADAM CRABTREE, PhD, “The World of Mind Meets the World of Spirit” • GERI DeSTEFANO, PhD, “Dealing with Creative Blocks and Developing Psychic Skills” • Dr. MASARU EMOTO, “The Secrets of Water” • JOHN ENGLISH, “Working with the Power of Intention” • Economos ANTONY GABRIEL, “Confronting Personal ‘Dragons’” • Rev. IRÈNE GAREAU, “Experiencing Spirit Communication” • RAQUEL CACHAFEIRO GIL, “Journeys Inside a Flower” • MITCHELL GIBSON, MD, “Discovering the Spiritual Anatomy of the Universe” • JAMES GILLILAND, “Exploring Inner Worlds” • MARIA GOMORI, PhD, “Drawing Upon Inner & Outer Spiritual Resources” • BERNARD GRAD, PhD, “The History of Healing” • STEVEN GREER, MD, “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge: It's Time for You to Know” • FRANCIS HAN, PhD, “Secular-Reductionist Views Versus Buddhist, Confucianist, and Catholic Christian Values” • Shaykh ABDUL HAQQ, “Finding Inner Peace by Sufi Wisdom” • JOYCE WHITELEY HAWKES, PhD, “Accessing the Spiritual Bridge from Soul to Cell” • CHRISTOPHER HOLMES, PhD, “Within Without from Zero Points” • JAMES & DESIREE HURTAK, “The Quantum Mind and Quantum Universes in the 21st Century” • FRANCINE JARRY, “Songs of Well-Being” • RON & DANYELLE JONES, “I'm Right … You need to Change” • JUDITH K. LEMON, MA, and JOANN PETERSON, PhD, “Disengaging Depression and Engaging Energy and Flex” • JOYCE LIECHENSTEIN, PhD, “Insights for Those Encountering Grief” • BRUCE LIPTON, PhD, “Healing Ourselves & Healing Our Planet” • Rev. MICHAEL LIVINGSTON, “Unity in Diversity” • EMILY MARKIDES, PhD, “The Contributions of Eco-Peace Villages” • KYRIACOS MARKIDES, PhD, “The Wisdom of the Mystics and Elders of Mount Athos” • JOSEPH BARRY MARTIN, PhD, “Transformational Energy Medicine” • OSCAR MIRO-QUESADA, “Cultural Ethno-Spirituality; Its Strategic Significance” • HARLEY MONTE, “Spirit Communication, Intuition, and Healing” • SEAN DAVID MORTON, “Shifts Ahead: Coming World Events” • ROBERT MOSS, “Shamanic Dreaming” • ROBERT NICHOL, “Star Dreams: The Crop Circle Phenomenon” • BRIAN O'LEARY, PhD, “Future Sciences, Future Energies, Future Technologies” • CHRISTINE PAGE, MD, “Holographic Surfing: Riding the Waves of Change” • RICHARD PANICO, MD, “Yoga and Mind-Body Medicine” • ERIC PEARL, DC, “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself” • VAN PETTEWAY, PhD “The Current Global Revolution in Consciousness” • MARY RODWELL, RN, “Close Encounters, ETI's, and Transformative Changes” • Rev. LUCILLE ROSEN, PhD, “Moving from Addiction to Discovery” • Prof. JOHN ROSSNER, PhD, “Encounters Between World Religions and Cultures, Today” • Prof. MARILYN ROSSNER, PhD, “Spiritual Potentials for Knowing, Healing, and Transformation” • Rt. Rev. JOHN SHELBY SPONG, DD, “God: A Human Word Representing a Profound Hope” • Swami SRINIVASANANDA, “Social Insights for Living the Divine Life on Earth” • GALALISA STAR, “Celestial Singing” • Swami SWAROOPANANDA, “Two Complimentary Fonts of Universal Wisdom: Yoga-Vedanta and Kabbalah” • BARBARA TEDLOCK, PhD, “Breaking the Mayan Code” • ELAINE VALDOV, PhD, “United Nations NGO's Today” • CRAIG WEBB, “World Peace From Inside-Out” • ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE, JD, “Exopolitics Update” • Rev. JOHN WHITE, “Intuition, Psyche, and Spirit” • MICHELLE WHITEDOVE, “Shifting to the Next Dimension and Fulfilling Our Potential” • HANAKIA ZEDEK, “Quantum Fields of Effect, for Awareness, Perception, and Intent.” … Plus gifted Artists and Musicians!

Visit for program details. 

Building Enneagrams

"A man may be quite alone in the desert
and he can trace the enneagram in the sand and in it 
read the eternal laws of the universe.”
G. I. Gurdjieff 
The enneagram embodies the same sacred laws of three and seven
as embodied within the Kabbalist Tree of Life, and the Flower of Life, depicting the triune and sevenfold nature of reality. 


Consciousness and the Heart Space: Mystical Views

Spiritual Frontiers Canada, the SFC - Thursday, October 6, 2005
Sandy Hill Community Centre, Ottawa

At that time, Christopher is in Kars, Ontario, just south of Ottawa, after travelling across Canada  and spending almost two months in British Columbia.  Christopher gave an August 26th lecture at The Gathering Place, 609 Helmcken Avenue, Vancouver; two evening presentations at Joe Read's Bookstore and Internet Cafe in Courtenay on August 30 and 31st; and a seminar on Denman Island, September 16th.   Thanks Bob, Stan, Shiela and Greg,  for helping to facilitate these events. Thank you also Mieke and Daniel, John and Steven, Alfred and others who helped along the way. During this time, I was also featured on:  News for the Soul radio broadcast, September 1st, thanks Nicole (available online); Vancouver Co-op Radio interview with Alfred Webre, CFRO 102.7 FM on August 22; Radio Malaspina 101.7FM CHLY with Lynn; and a September 16th show, on Island Radio with Matthew.

During these travels, I had the privilege of spending time with G. I. Gurdjieff's bibliographer and researcher, Walter Driscoll in Courtney, B. C.   I was able to view a ten minute video clip of Mr. Gurdjieff in Paris and picknicing in the Alps of France, to be exposed to the largest Gurdjieff fourth way library I have ever seen, and to gain access to valuable new research materials on Beelzebub's Tales and transcripts of Gurdjieff's talks.  Walter is a most interesting and informed individual, widely knowledgeable of the Work and open to sharing.  Thank you Walter.

British Columbia is described as 'supernatural,' as it most certainly is.  The supernatural beauty and oceans, islands and ferries, deer and bears, whales and wolves, logs and trees, weave just such a magic.  Christopher had time for recreation and log climbing. explorations and meeting new friends. Of course, there are many stories or adventures which might be told --but those stories, or Dragonfly Tales are maybe for another day.

Malcolm Island, British Columbia

"If you believe in fairies, clap your hands."

Radio Broadcasts
What a World Radio
Host Dr. Nevyn Campanella interviewed Christopher on Sunday, October 9th, 2005. Click here to listen to the interview. .  The program takes a minute to download and uses Real Player.

  News for the Soul 
Hostess Nicole Whitney conducts an hour long interview with Christopher, September 1st, 8 pm. Listen online at

Coast to Coast AM with host George NooryTuesday, July 19, featured Dr.  Holmes for a three hour live interview.  Archive materials at
Mindshift with Host Errol Bruce-Knapp, Sat., July 23, CFRB 1010 AM Toronto, or CJAD 800 AM Montreal. Archive materials at
Radio Alchymy.  KPFK 90.7 FM - Los Angeles;  host Eben Ray conducts an hour long interview with Christopher.  August 18th, 2-4 am. Listen live at
Brown Bagger Live. Vancouver Co-op Radio.  CFRO 102.7 FM. August 22nd, 12 noon. Alfred Webre interviews Christopher, at
Island Radio, British Columbia,
interview with Matthew, September 2005. 
The 30th IIIHS International Conference
featured a lineup of valuable, inspiring and sometimes shocking presentations.  For myself, the highlights included meeting Mark Comings, physicist and mystic, and friends Aza, Michael and Drew, and having Mark contribute to my own workshop;  Mr. Alfred Webre, a remarkable individual and futurist, author of EXOPOLITICS, a new book exploring a profoundly important area of human concern--of life within a broader 'Universe Society' including extraterrestrial beings, and, thirdly, spending time with Dr. Raymond Moody, author of Life after Life, the first psychiatrist to report antedotal near-death and out of body experiences, discussing Plato and the myth of the cave.  This was a wonderful conference, a synchronous web of most intricate design.  Reports on these speakers and meetings are to be provided as available.
Ottawa Lecture Series Ottawa Citizen Building
Previous: January 20, Thursday On the Origin and Nature of Human Consciousness
February 25, Friday -The Awakening of the Heart
March 24, Thursday: Mysticism and the New Physics.
April 22, Friday, On G. I. Gurdjieff's Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson. Friday, May 13, 2005, Triune Monads and Seven Dimensional Hyper Space.
Friday, June 10th, 2005: The Mysteries of Human Consciousness, the Heart and the Multidimensional Nature of Reality- on the plights of the Pixels
On Higher Education

& Spiritual Science

Christopher's 2004 Brief to the Ontario Commission
on the Failure of Post-Secondary Education, 
and the New Inquisition

In December, 2004, Christopher submitted the brief On Higher Education & Spiritual Science, to a provincial government committee reviewing post-secondary education in Ontario (under the leadership Robert Rae).  This brief explains how really there are no Institutes of higher learning in the province of Ontario.  In modern times, mystical and spiritual psychologies and science have effectively been eliminated from psychology and other disciplines within the University system.  A survey of psychology departments across Canada indicates that of thirteen universities, only one offered anything in the areas of mystical/spiritual psychology, or the investigation of psychical or paranormal phenomena, and then only as secondary course offerings.  This is really a tragic and shocking situation which is completely unrealized by the general public, who are never exposed to such influences as part of their education and so do not understand what it is which is lacking.  The state of the modern pseudo-science of psychology and of formatory university education constitute a huge public disservice, and prevents the advancement of psychology itself as a discipline.

Christopher's brief, section 4, touches upon the "Strange Case of Professor Z," explaining his own history as a controversial York University professor from 1977-1989, his long history of persecuation and the eventual unsuccessful struggle for academic freedom.  The brief also touches upon other authors and scientists persecuted within the Ontario University system, because of the "new inquisition" and the dismissals of the subjects of spirit and soul.  On Wednesday, December 8th, Christopher unsuccessfully attempted to represent his views to Robert Rae review in Toronto, but could not get to the microphone during the town meeting.  He was able to distribute some copies of his brief, and most importantly, to Robert Rae himself.  On December 18th, upon reading premier Dalton McGuinty's remarks on education and character development, Christopher wrote to the premier's office, encouraging him to view the brief, concerning what is lacking in modern education.  Neither Robert Rae or Dalton McGuinty's offices, nor that of Gerald Kennedy, followed up letters sent to them.

The article appendix to the Brief:

On the Origin and Nature of Human Consciousness
A Comparative Analysis of Scientific and Mystical Views

In October 9-10, 2004, Christopher took part in the Rediscovering the Soul & Spirit through
encountering the mysteries of life, death & healing,
Thanksgiving weekend Conference, at the IIIHS Centre, 1974 Maisonneuve W., Montreal, Quebec.

Link to:

October 11-13, 2004 - Christopher offered a three day course at IIIHS, Montreal -- on the mysteries of consciousness and creation.
August 13-15, 2004 -  Christopher participated in the Unity Gathering at Grand Forks, British Columbia.
Hosted by Sean Sands and Esther at "the sactuary." http://


and then spent some time on the beaches of British Columbia,

where he build the enneagram in sand, to ponder the laws and forces.



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