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August 5, 2010



The Ascendancy of the
New World Psychiatric Disorder

Christopher P. Holmes



Zero Point Publications 2009

Cover Illustration – C. Holmes, Ottawa

1st Printing – 2009



“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face
with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” 
J. E. Hoover, former head of the FBI

“At present the population of the world is increasing...

If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation,

survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full...

the state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it?

Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially that of others….

Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between

rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species.

A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection

of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.”

Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society


“The Rockefeller Foundation has the SAME agenda as the Illuminati

and the Gates Foundation.  David Rockefeller, a member of the Illuminati,

is a founder and member of several organizations such as the Trilateral Commission,

the Bilderbergers and the Club of Rome, whose purpose is to

a) set up a One World Government, b) control ALL business throughout the world and,

c) dramatically and rapidly reducing the population of the world

from 6 billion to 500 million, by war, disease and famine.” (Dr. L. Day, 2008)


“… international terrorism does NOT exist

and the September 11 attacks were the result of a set-up.

What we are seeing is a manipulation by the big powers;

this terrorism would not exist without them.

“Terrorism” talk is the weapon used in a new type of war

in complicity with the media, which allows modifying international politics

and changing existing reality.  In other words,

“Terrify the people with incessant talk of “Terrorism”

so they will give up their rights and become malleable slaves

in the hands of the New World Order.”

General Leonid Ivashov, Axis for Peace 2005 Conference

1.  There’s an Elephant in the Room
or should i say a spider

The expression that “There is an elephant in the room” refers to the idea of there being something highly obvious to perception but to which no one responds.  No one talks about the elephant in the room even though it is right there in front of everyone and its presence poses a threat to all involved.  However, people carry on as if there is no elephant in the room—as if they are too numbed, confused or afraid.  Instead, people carry on their busy lives while ignoring the elephant in the room and not speaking about it.

Today, in Canada, we have an elephant in the room—something quite monstrous which is threatening us as a nation, in our individual lives and that of our children and grandchildren,  and it threatens to bring about further wars, starvation, impoverishment, poisoning, violence and human suffering throughout Canada and the broader world.  The Beast has already stolen our countries and resources from us and is threatening even our continued existence on this planet.

J. E. Hoover, former head of the FBI, referred to a conspiracy “so monstrous” that a normal individual could not conceive or imagine that such might exist.  Along the same line, Dwight Eisenhower, former president of the United States, warned us of the “military-industrial complex” which threatened the future of American democracy; as had John Kennedy warned before his assassination. Unfortunately, conspiracies are real and history is littered with the tragedies deliberately created for the masses of humanity by the shadow elements within our societies—the real terrorists of modern times. 

Some people will want to dismiss me as a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ which is actually a label that I would be pleased to accept.  Firstly, science is made up of ‘theories’—like the theory of relativity, quantum theory, the theory of evolution, cognitive-behavioural theory, and much more.  So, as I consider myself a scientist, I try to understand the evidences and competing theories which explain the various conspiracies being carried forward in our era and which have been carried out through the centuries.  If anyone is not a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ then they simply understand nothing of human history as most of the blood stains through the tapestry of human history are the results of such conspiracies. 

The term ‘conspiracy’ suggests ‘breathing together’ –in private or away from public view with the intent of engaging in criminal and illegal activities.  Criminals on all levels are always conspiring and that is the basis of organized crime.  In 2006, the Bilderberg group met in Kanata, Ontario, just outside of Ottawa, to conspire together.  The head of the world bank, representatives of all the financial elites, the queen of Holland, war criminal Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, media moguls and all, gathered together to plan the next stages of bringing about their “new world order”—world government by the scumbags at the top.  People meet together and conspire about the criminal things they intend to do to the world’s populations, who still believe that they live in democracies.  In 2007, these creeps met in Turkey, in 2008, West Virginia, USA, and in 2009 in Turkey.  All of the Canadian Prime Ministers of recent history have been involved with the Bilderberg group, as it is within these inner circles that the fortunes of the parties, the leaders and the country are conspired, as well as within the secretive Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and elsewhere.

The government itself has conspiracy theories—ones to confuse and deceive the sleeping public who are led to believe all kinds of ridiculous things which people swallow whole as if they were quite stupid.   Particularly, the governments maintains the ridiculous myth that Osama Bin Laden and his reindeer made the New York twin towers blow up and collapse in fifteen seconds each, and that an airplane hit the Pentagon and disappeared into a fourteen foot hole, and that no-one covered anything up.  These are Tales of fantasy right out of Hollywood and sold through the hypnosis of the media with its multiple levels of deceit, spin and misinformation.  People cannot believe in a conspiracy “so monstrous” that our government, police and media would all deliberately deceive the Canadian, American and world populations as to the true causes and events of 9-11.  It is certainly more comforting to believe in Arab or Muslim terrorism and to believe the propaganda of our government and media, than it is to grasp the even more ugly truths. 

In the movie The Matrix, the hero is offered a red pill which enables him to wake up and begin to learn the truth about the matrix, or a blue pill to go back to sleep and return to normal life. If you take the red pill, you will see the elephant in the room and over time you will understand it more and more clearly—who these people are, what their schemes and philosophies are, why they are so degenerated in their nature as to engage in such organized patterns of criminal activity and even in programs of population reduction. 

People cannot see the real monster within the room.  The monsters were not under the bed, nor over the ocean in Afghanistan and Iraq, but instead, the monsters are within our society and control the American and Canadian governments, the police, intelligence and military communities, the media and corporations, the pharmaceutical, hospital and medical industries, the brainwashing of your children through the ‘educational system,’ and the impotent churches, synagogues and mosques. 

The Canadian people and the Canadian government are controlled by a criminal class of corporate elite, financiers and ‘banksters,’ and government officials.  This system, whereby our elected officials are only the puppets of the shadow government can now be more clearly understood and proven.  The evidences have all come out as the internet has made a wealth of documentary movies and evidences available to capable researchers,   Of course, there are still many mysteries and unresolved issues but the overwhelming volume of evidence clearly document the nature of the monstrous conspiracy which has been perpetrated upon the peoples of Canada, the United States and elsewhere around the world.  The elites themselves declare their intention of bringing about ‘a new world order’—which I prefer to call the ‘old world psychiatric disorder’—a world controlled by psychopaths, perverts and pedophiles, megalomaniacs and  the ‘masters of war,’ that Bob Dylan sang of thirty years ago. 

And so, we have an elephant in the room, a monstrous conspiracy, and the peoples are unable to speak of it or deal with the enormity of the problems and lies.   Further, Canada has been lost.  While we were sleeping, they have come and stolen it all away.  Canadian democracy is a lie, as all five political parties—the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, the Bloc and the Greens are all part of the old world psychiatric disorder system, and all have played a role in deceiving the Canadian public in support of the elitists’ agenda.   None will speak the truth of 9-11 and have allowed the Canadian public to be intentionally deceived while our soldiers die in a criminal war in Afghanistan, and more and more police state powers are imposed upon people. 

The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, confirms his support even for the Israeli war crimes and terrorist acts committed against the people of Gaza.  The Prime Minister hides the fact of Israeli involvement in perpetrating the 9-11 events, now clearly known, and the sick Zionist control of western governments and the media has now been more widely exposed.  On a truth net radio show, one announcer tells the joke of there being a sign within the Senate of the US, reading, ‘Beware, Israeli occupied territory.’ 

The Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, all the Rockefeller and Rothschild institutes and think tanks, these groups and more, like those that conspire at Bohemian grove in California where the Bushes, Clintons and others  run around with no clothes on, enjoy each others fine company and pee on trees, all of these are conspiratorial groups scheme such things as mass murders, war industries, how to steal the wealth of nations, how to sicken and starve the populations, how to modify the weather and use psychotropic weapons, what false flag terrorist events to stage next and who to blame it on, and much more.  We have a nation ruled by lunatics and madmen, megalomaniacs and psychopaths whose ambitions for personal power, sexual perversions and greed, has allowed them to rise to the top, as scum rises on the waters of life.   The sheep people of Canadian society know nothing of this or are afraid of even looking at the elephant in the room.  Mainly they are under the mass hypnosis of their media—their televisions, radios and newspapers, and the lies perpetrated through the educational system.  Canada has been lost to the control of these people, hidden behind the scene, while their corporate media lulls the population into sleep, feeding them propaganda and lies.  The Media even plays a role in staging events which are actually scripted like a soap opera behind the scenes.

Canada has been infiltrated at the highest levels of our police and intelligence communities, the military and government, the banking and corporate worlds, the media and health care industries.    These same criminal elites will now impoverish the population, consolidate more and more of the banks and corporations under their control, steal the pension funds of the peoples of Canada, sicken and weaken the population through the poisoning of the food and water supply, intentionally spread poisons among the population through inoculations and chemtrails, while they create an Orwellian nightmare world of Big Brother surveillance, police state mindsets and mind control methodologies.  They even imagine that they are ‘masons,’ doing god’s work or that of Lucifer.  The conspiracy really is quite monstrous and beyond the capacity of most busy little pea brains to grasp. 

Nicholas Rockefeller once explained to film maker Aaron Russo that the aim of the elites, so-called, is ultimately to have a micro-chipped population while they own all of the world’s wealth and natural resources, with common peoples confined to cities as worker populations.  Some psychopaths in the Nazi sections of the UN estimate that if the world’s population is reduced to the level of 500,000 million, then this would be sustainable for their Utopian nightmare world.  Another Masonic goof ball even constructed the Georgian Guide Stones in the state of Georgia, US as a tombstone for the people who are to be murdered in the upcoming flood.  The first principle engraved into the stone is to “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”  In Atlanta, Georgia, there are 400,000 coffins, each capable of holding three bodies, and concentration camps have been prepared by FEMA across the nation, as a police state is incrementally crafted throughout America.  O, America, land of the free and brave.  What a joke.    Oh yea, there are camps also for Canadians—outside of Halifax, London, across Canada and into northern BC, and the government is already sending body bags to aboriginal groups! 

Oh yes.  Not only is Canada lost and the US, but further, it is not an elephant in the room, but groups of psychopaths, elitists, war criminals and mass murderers.  These psychopaths have high jacked your country, undermined your democracy and are actually spreading illnesses through the nation while corrupting the health care industries and controlling the police services.  They have inoculations waiting for you, as well as genetically modified poisons, biological weapons, high tech police equipment and even nuclear weapons.  Next time, they will tell you that it is Bugs Bunny and Iranian terrorists who commit a terrorist act, or someone else, depending upon who they plan to invade and murder next in their quest for world domination.  What could be more monstrous than this?   And it only gets worse.


2.  The Masters of War and Terrorism

You have been punked, CONNED

A criminal cover up has occurred of what actually happened on September 11, 2001—9/11.  Fortunately, around the world, millions of people have now woken up and learnt these undeniable facts:  The collapse of the world trade towers was a “con”—a put on.  You were ‘had,’ in popular lingo.  There were not 18 Muslim terrorists high jacking airplanes and further, burning airplanes did not cause the buildings to collapse.  Instead, the buildings were intentionally demolished using explosives and the airplane stories were created in the media studios, as might a movie, even with computer graphics and faked witnesses.  The airplane stories served as distractions, so that the public would not realize that the buildings were actually blown up from inside—as perfectly controlled demolitions.  A huge volume of scientific evidence and eyewitness accounts substantiate these claims—available through the Internet.  Search the Truth of 9 – 11.  

To be disillusioned of the Con requires that you learn what a con is, how events can be staged, and how to deceive the human race through the control of the media of lies.   The conspirators, ‘who breath together,’ carry out an atrocity and then frame someone else as a ‘scapegoat’ to justify imperialism, war industries, worldwide terror and further steps towards their totalitarian society which they imagine to be a ‘new world order.’  In fact, the motto of the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, is “By way of deception, thou shalt do war,” and this is exactly what was done through the 9-11 events.  America waged war based on a public deception.   But the CON is now exposed worldwide and the CIA and Mossad are accused of innumerable crimes and terrorist activities around the world over the past decades in service of the international banksters and corporate elite!  There have been many ‘false flag’ events like 9-11, where the new world order elite stage events and deceive the public, while carrying out terrorist activities. 

In a con, you simply say—“Hey, look, nice birdies in the sky,” while using thermate bombs in the interior of the buildings, or even mini-nukes or other secretive weapon, to destroy criminal evidences and two albatross buildings while committing mass murder and stealing billions.  The airplanes simply did not cause the building to collapse!   This is, was and forever will have been --a con, a Hollywood con.  Distract the viewer’s attention, fill him with misleading information when he is in a state of uncertainty—it’s as old a plot as we have stories.  Afterwards, very soon afterwards, the terrorists have a scapegoat in their quest for more innocent blood and to make more monies for the masters of war to line those nice pockets on those fancy pants. 

In fact, the Two Towers were detonated by the tenant, Mr. Silverstein, a very prominent Zionist with links into the Israeli financial and war elites, in association with the elite of the shadow US government and the Bush dynasty, elements within the secret police—including the Mosad, the CIA, FBI, FEMA and Homeland Security, directed and supported by an elite membership of Wall Street Financiers and War Merchants—members of the secretive Bilderberg group, Bohemian grove and other societies.  Insiders intentionally demolished the buildings using explosives, the public was intentionally deceived through the media and all the evidences were hidden and destroyed by the police services as much as was possible.  The evidences of the cover-up and the falsification of the media are all evidence of the sinister plots and conspiracy webs of the Beast of modern times.  

9/11 was an inside job.  To believe otherwise—that the fires from plane crashes into the two  towers caused them to fall at near free-fall speed in under 15 seconds each, to collapse perfectly into their own ‘footprint,’ is to accept the possibility, that on that day, September 11, 2001—all the known laws of physics, chemistry, civil engineering, and material science were temporarily suspended.  Further, it requires that you arbitrarily dismiss the testimonials of hundreds of firefighters, civilians and the media’s own initial news reports (as released before the cover-up began), which document massive interior explosions in the sub-basements and throughout the Two Towers.  These are visibly evident on many of the video records of these events.  How asleep is humankind, how blind and deaf, how stupid!

No steel framed buildings in the history of the world, past, present or future, will ever collapse in such a manner as did the perfectly controlled demolitions of 9/11—except by being perfectly controlled demolitions.   If it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck and looks like a duck, and even leaves a smell like duck-shit, then it probably is—a duck and its doings. These claims could easily be proven within any impartial court of law in the world, before even half-sane judges.  Unfortunately, the Beast has rendered the police and justice system, like the supposed democratic political system, impotent.  Millions now live in fear, unable to speak.  Our society is ruled by a group of NWO terrorists! 

The plane crashes were intentionally staged to portray crazed Arab terrorists, while the mastermind criminal syndicate, included the owner of the buildings, individuals within the government and intelligence services of the United States of America (at varied elite levels), very efficient demolitions experts—black operatives and a clan of financiers in the war industries and Wall Street, who own the media, lots of silver and gold, oil and drugs, and sex slaves.  It’s all there and it ties in at so many levels to the Israeli government and Mossad, the agenda of the Zionists, Jesuits and Masonic orders, and the international bankster elites. 

But unfortunately, just as there is no Santa Claus—get that straight first, and then maybe you can realize that there were no real Arab Terrorists high jacking airplanes.  That was the Con.  It just simply didn’t happen that way and it never could have happened that way, for All Eternity   No matter what you have been told or led to believe, or how stupid you have been, you have been like sheep being led to slaughter.  The Truth of 9/11 is far more horrifying than the concocted fantasy stories you have been told by the most ‘trusted’ news stations.  The Beast within western society reared its head to stage scenes of mass murder and intentionally scapegoat Arabs and Muslims in order to justify crimes of mass murder, imperialism and cruel steps towards an Orwell police state and world-domination.  And then they call it the ‘new world order,’ but really it is a form of old world psychiatric disorder.  These terrorists have schemed through the decades and intentionally created wars, violence, terrorist threats and poverty, and spread diseases around the world.  They even channel their crimes into Hollywood movies—to maintain the public’s state of confusion, misinformation and delusion.

Most of the public is so weak in their minds, bodies and hearts, that they are incapable of grasping the true nature of what was done on September 11, 2001.   Unfortunately, the same psychopathic elites which concocted 9-11 for your terror are now in control of Canada and the Canadian government and they have all kinds of other devious things planned for you and your children as part of their new world psychiatric disorder.  No one has dealt with the elephant of 9-11 and closing our eyes to the evidences will surely seal our fate at the hands of the Beast.  There is certainly a major crisis in the life of humanity on planet Earth and we must wake up as to who are the real terrorists. 

However, one of three Americans now knows the fact that 9/11 was a huge public deception, a con, intentionally perpetrated on humanity, not by imaginary Arabs or Moslems, but by those on the INSIDE—IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB.  These facts can easily be documented and demonstrated conclusively within any impartial court of law anywhere in the world, if such still exists—before any sane, impartial judge, if such still exists. Unfortunately, the judicial system has been infiltrated or intimidated by these underlying criminal networks within American, Canadian, British and Israeli society, as elsewhere, including the United Nations.  You were ‘had’ and unfortunately, these people now control your Canadian government, who maintain the lies of 9-11 and enable the advancement of the NOW scheme for your enslavement.

The so-called “conspiracy theories” were really “the evidences of international terrorism, conspiracy and financing” all along.  They were never just theories. The crimes of the Beast are the blood strains through history, including the assassination of the President John Kennedy—beloved by the United States of America, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Robert Kennedy and many unknown.  The Beast plays the human race like puppets, sowing discord and confusion, creating religious and cultural animosities, and considers itself a ’master race  which schemes various plans for population reduction and genocide.  It is indeed such a monstrous conspiracy, as stated by J. E. Hoover.

The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq by the forces of the US are completely criminal acts and crimes against humanity.  These invasions were well planned before the 9-11 events, as the elites wanted their ‘new Pearl Harbour’ to justify these wars of conquest and to sell it to a completely deceived and gullible American and world public.   The elites wanted the oil, the drugs, the land for pipelines and military basis, and to extend the Israeli-American and British empires, and to carry forward their plans for world domination. 

The Ray of Light is the Truth.  The human race actually now has overwhelmingly convincing criminal evidence to bring these individuals into criminal court throughout the world.  Learning the truth of 9/11 requires dissolving the conditioning and delusions of the mind –the spells and misleading information fostered by the mass media’s conditioning of your little pea-brain minds through their intentional ‘disinformation’ programs.  The Canadian and American Intelligence services have never shared intelligence with the Canadian public, but only cover their complicities, themselves integral parts of these sinister plots.  As Hitler and other fascist tyrants have known through history—stage events, control the media, finance the war machines, form security firms and maintain secret police, and deceive the public—all of these strategies are parts of the Beast with its plans to bring about ‘order out of chaos,’ and the culmination of their ‘old world psychiatric disordered system.’  The Bilderberg group’s own philosophical and strategic writings and documents conclusively demonstrate such lines of knowledge and master-craft planning—along with the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), the Trilateral Commission and other elites with programs for population reduction.    

Do not believe’ what the Truth Movement is saying, as you have been fooled by THE CON, like sheep to do—that is to believe.  It is of no use now for you to again ‘simply believe’ what is said here.  Instead, you have to regain control of your natural intelligence and attention, and make conscious effort to investigate, research and LEARN THE TRUTH OF 9/11 and then further grasp the criminality of what has been done within our own country.  You owe this to yourself, your children and for seven future Generations of God’s Children. The lies of 9/11 must be exposed before it is too late for us as Canadian, American or World Citizens—as Muslims, Christians, Jews and Natives—and for all the children yet to be poisoned by the Beast.  We have to realize who these people are within our own society who would commit such atrocities and so deceive the public.  They violate all kinds of national, international and humane laws wantonly.  They like to think of themselves as the elite, whereas in reality they are like the scum that rose to the top of the waters of life. 

Criminal elements within the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Israel, as elsewhere, are the world terrorists—not the Arabs, nor the American people, nor the vast majorities in military services, nor ordinary people just ‘doing their jobs,’ nor the Arabs, nor the Jews, nor Christians—but particular people within the US administration, including President Bush and his family, back to his grandfather Prescott who helped to finance the Nazis, and all the president’s cronies, the black operation intelligence groups, and a wealthy corporate elite and prominent Wall Street Financiers, Zionists and corrupted Jesuits and churchmen.  All of these groups are involved in the secretive Bilderberg and own the media—lots of oil, the weapons industries, drugs, sex slaves and gold, police and securities organizations, and pharmaceutical companies, and they still want more human blood and subservience. 

A police state society is being fashioned around the sleeping citizens, while the Neo-Nazi  Bilderbergs, the councils and cabals, direct the unfoldment of horrific events.  They are armed with biological, electronic, pharmaceutical and military weapons, and are supported by their corporate media and Hollywood control.  The elected Members of Parliament are either deceived as sheep or controlled as goats by the underlying secret police and intelligence services of the shadow government.  Horrifying events are unfolding in the life of humankind and within your country and the corporate media hides it from you, intentionally fashioned to deceive you concerning all major national and international events.

It is a shocking experience to ‘wake up’ to the truth of our society and the criminal activities of the governments, corporations and financers and such, and to realize the intentional deception of the Canadian public by the mass media and our betrayal by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.    One must attempt to be ‘upright of heart’ to maintain your inner sanity in times of such chaos and criminal activity within society, even by those peoples you have trusted.   Canada’s own prime minister has been entwined with the Bilderbergs, the CFR and these sinister plots, as have the prime ministers before Harper.  This has been going on for years as the Canadian government has served the interests of domestic and foreign bankers and empire builders.    The Canadian Forces in Afghanistan and the Canadian public have been intentionally deceived about the events of 9/11 and the true causes of the events now unfolding on the world stage.  The Canadian Forces are used as pawns enrolled into a neo-Nazi scheme of these networks of criminal psychopaths bringing in their new world order.  These perverse elements within decent society have schemed these horrendous crimes against humanity—and fooled the little sheep who “were told” or “led to believe,” that …blah, blah, blah--as sheep are led to slaughter. 

The Lies of the Beast are now available at local theatres, with popcorn and patriotic bravo and masked by a censored nightly-news.  In modern human society, humankind currently faces a situation similar to that of the reign of the Nazis through World War II—and similar to the totalitarian state characterized by George Orwell in his horrifying novel 1984.    To conquer Poland, the Nazis sent their own secret police to massacre German citizens in Poland and then controlled the media to justify invading Poland to protect the German people.  This is exactly what has happened in contemporary society.  Terrorist acts are carried out by these members of our own society and simply blamed on the Arabs, to justify imperialism and the criminal invasion of mid-Eastern countries, with a concurrent movement towards what the Bushes and war criminal Henry Kissinger call the New World Order—the actual term used by Hitler!   The little pea-brained human beings forget what happened on the traumatizing day of September 11, 2001, and fail to understand the hidden patterns of history and the perverse psychopathy of corporate fascism and Zionism. 

It is only through pursuing the truth of 911 and the broader criminality of the elite networks that humankind will ever be able to move forward into a truly new age—a world of peace and sanity, truth and love, justice and abundance, instead of the violence, greed and unspeakable corruption of the elite classes.   The names of the elites and such are largely known and matters of public record.  One can simply search the lists of guests to the Bilderberg groups, the CFR and the international banksters, and trace the bloodlines and associations.  The issue of 9/11 is just a symptom of the most serious problem facing humanity today on this planet.  These people are all bums.  Throw the bums out.  They are all up to no good.  They mass murder people for money, oil, gold, power and sexual perversions. They offer nothing for the soul life of humankind, for the future of Canadian, American or Israel society, or any sane nation, nor for the health of this planet.  

    The hearts and souls of humankind need to be healed and to recover from the traumas and nightmares concocted for the human race. The Bilderberg group, who vacationed in Kanata Ontario in 2006, would enjoy a holiday in Cuba to reflect upon their horrendous crimes against humanity.  They can enjoy the Bay of Pig life, watch their own favourite movies and media news-clips, eat genetically modified foods, have their own pharmaceuticals and enforced inoculations, implants, whatever they want, even the bird flu and chemtrails, along with their Oscar gold.  They can stay there for intercourse among themselves.   Perhaps the Montebello resort in Quebec might be refashioned into the Montebello Hospital for the Criminally Insane for our local heroes and bums.  Imagine if the truth were fully known and real justice could be affected—what a new age might then be attained!  

3.  Goodbye Canada

3.  Goodbye Canada

3.  Goodbye Canada



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