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August 3, 2010


Within Without from Zero Points

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Preface by 
A Fool at the Zero Point

We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery 
...  If any man among you seemth to be wise in this world, 
let him become a fool, that he may be wise. 
-  Corinthians I, 7/18 -

Within-Without from Zero Points explores the mysteries.  These are the mysteries of the mind and of the heart, of life and death, of being and non-being, of science and religion, of human consciousness and cosmic creation, and ultimately–the mystery of God.  Let us dare to assume the role of fools––by dismissing no possibilities in this search for truth.   By admitting to ourselves how little we ultimately know about life and creation, we might become wise.  It is essential to approach the Within-Without from Zero Points series with an open heart and mind.

Over thirty five years ago, when I began to study mystical and esoteric teachings, I could not have imagined where that path would eventually lead.  Mystical realizations involve transformations of consciousness, experiences of awakening and enlightenment, and the realization of the subtle faculties of the heart and mind. Awakened states attest to the unity of life and to the existence of deeper metaphysical and spiritual forces, principles and dimensions within life and Self.  Such profound experiences can occur in glimpses and flashes or as sustained experiences of the inner light and the multidimensional nature of being.  Mystical experiences reveal the limits and illusions of so-called normal consciousness and common thought, while pointing to the need for a more inclusive and illuminating paradigm of scientific and individual understanding.

By penetrating different veils of nature, the mystic attains a more objective knowledge about the nature of Self and the world, and directly experiences spiritual and metaphysical realities.  In fact, we already experience such realities but we are simply not conscious of what we are in our being.  People do not ordinarily understand anything of how the world is produced, informed and sustained by higher dimensional dynamics.  It is precisely because humans are so deeply asleep and under spells of illusion that they are so unaware of the mystical inner realities which inform and sustain Self within the world.

The Within-Without from Zero Points series is the product of a search for truth concerning the mysteries of life, consciousness, science and God.  I hope that this work encourages others to investigate these areas and contribute to the development of a mystical perspective and paradigm within psychology, philosophy, science and education.  On an individual level, I hope that the profound nature of the material will inspire you to deepen your understanding of consciousness within yourself.  Within-Without from Zero Points provides practical insights into your being and your possibilities for awakening and self-realization.  To understand mystical teachings, we must experience directly the transformation of consciousness, heart and mind that they prescribe and through which the hidden truths are revealed.

The sacred teachings of the wisdom traditions provide a striking alternative to science’s materialist views and reductionist methods. A mystical perspective reveals many limitations, enigmas and fundamental errors within modern scientific and psychological theories, and allows for an intriguing re-interpretation of scientific issues and discoveries.  In fact, the ancient wisdom teachings allow one to approach any domain of human life, science and knowledge from an extraordinary and provocative perspective. 

Those scientists and philosophers, who consider mystical ideas to be irrational, unintelligible or pseudo-scientific, are simply uninformed about that which they so easily dismiss.  This reflexive denial of mysticism is a distinctly modern prejudice and like all prejudices, it cannot withstand a careful and impartial examination. Contrary to what critics of mysticism believe, there is nothing especially comforting about esoteric teachings, nor are they easily and readily apprehended.  On the contrary, people are unable to grasp the profound meaning of mystical insights and truths because of the sleepwalking condition which characterizes so-called ‘normal human consciousness.’  If we live and interpret life and our place in the cosmos in terms of our acquired psychological makeup, we will attain nothing more than sleepwalkers’ guesses at to what is and is not ‘real.’ To understand the mysteries of consciousness and the heart demands that these be awakened and realized within oneself.

 The primary hypothesis of the Within-Without from Zero Points series is that consciousness and life within a human being emerge within-without from a point source rooted into higher space dimensions. Strangely enough, this dynamic parallels that which modern science posits in describing how the universe emerged from a point source singularity out of the quantum vacuum.  Each such ‘Son’ in turn becomes a world.  Although consciousness is distributed throughout the body, mind and soul during our life, its ultimate origin is from a zero point source within the heart, wherein it is rooted into higher space dimensions and the mystical void/plenum.  This point source of light is a substantive consciousness principle “enthroned” within the sacred space of the Heart.  As it happens, understanding this profound teaching is a very subtle and difficult undertaking.  There is a vast inner cosmos of consciousness which is not simply the product of the material brain but rather originates within-without through the higher dimensional physics and metaphysics of the human heart!

Within-Without from Zero Points is an extremely provocative and unusual series.  By juxtaposing the most advanced concepts in modern science with the wisdom of mystical and spiritual teachings, it raises intriguing questions as to the ultimate nature of human consciousness and reality.  This series is for those brave souls who in seeking after truth recognize that the depths of the unknown are much greater than anything ordinarily imagined.  Somehow, people feel in their hearts that there is something profoundly mysterious lying behind the seemingly familiar and mundane reality which meets the senses, engages the desires and preoccupies the mind.  In this spirit of wonder, Within-Without from Zero Points provides a sweeping scope of inquiry into the ultimate mysteries of existence. I wish you well in your efforts to penetrate the wisdom, understanding and knowledge embodied within this series.

The ‘heart doctrine’ is a unifying esoteric teaching found within the world’s primary religions. The phrase ‘the heart doctrine’ is drawn from The Voice of the Silence (1889) of H. P. Blavatsky, while the term ‘zero point’ is derived from Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine (1888).  However, this series draws from Judaism and Christianity, Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, Islam and Sufism, Native spirituality, and additional sources to illustrate the hidden teachings of the heart.  Whereas religions may differ in their external forms, dogmas and names, the essential inner esoteric teaching of the heart is a common element.  Thus, spiritual psychologies pose a viewpoint which significantly challenges the so-called ‘scientific’ approach to the study of human consciousness that focuses exclusively on the brain as the site and source of mind and regards humans as nothing more than biological organisms.

The Within-Without from Zero Points series puts forth an original perspective on consciousness studies and a theoretical model of ‘intelligent design’—allowing for a novel view of the relationships between science, religion and mysticism.  I would argue that much of what is touted as ‘science’ is in fact pseudo-science or ‘quack science’ and that much of what is claimed simply to be religious dogma is actually quite scientific.  H. P. Blavatsky stated in 1888 that:  “… the occult side of Nature has never been approached by the Science of modern civilization.” (p. viii) Nearly, one hundred and twenty-five years later, Blavatsky’s assertion continues to describe modern science’s profound ignorance and indefensible prejudices regarding the occult, the esoteric and mystical—especially as pertains to the issues of the origin and nature of consciousness and the mysteries of the human heart.

 The Within-Without from Zero Point series is dedicated to H. P. Blavatsky for her monumental work, The Secret Doctrine (1888).  In addition, I have valued extensive studies of G. I. Gurdjieff, rascal sage and author of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson (1950), his student P. D. Ouspensky, Kabbalist and Judaic scholars, Swami Prabhupada and the Vedic-yogic teachings, contemporary native elder Sequoyah Trueblood, Heart Master Adi Da, Michael Aivanhov, Sufi saints—and other musical poets of the heart and soul.  A wide range of individuals and esoteric teachings have influenced and inspired my individual efforts to penetrate the awesome mysteries that we face as human beings in the grand scheme of creation.

 On an individual level, I would like to thank Anita J. Mitra for her love, support and struggle through twenty years together—as well as for her illustrations.  I would like particularly to thank James A. Moffatt for his help over many years in editing this book and always demanding that the quality of the writing match the profound nature of the subject matter.  Jim and I met in high school, befriended at University and have since shared through our lives in the thrills of mystical and esoteric studies.  Jim, more than any other, because of his breadth of knowledge and reading, has appreciated the significance of this work and helped to motivate me in its refinement. Thirdly, I would like to thank Karen T. Hale, who has embodied the teachings of this work and helped me understand what they mean in life amidst the madness about us within the world.  I would like further to acknowledge my five children—Alison, Matthew, Timothy, Peter and Daniel—who all lost their father too much to his work and life concerns; but who all know that I love and care for them; and lastly, my loving parents who provided a positive early Christian upbringing and support through lean years. 

 As fools and seekers after truth, we must realize that by attempting to understand the origin and nature of human consciousness, we become participants in a profoundly subtle and intricate mystery play.   The mind longs to know the wisdom of the heart and the deep nature of the Spaces within which we live, move and have our being.

 Christopher P. Holmes, Ph. D. (Psych)

Kemptville, Ontario, Canada 2010


Learn above all to separate Head-learning from Soul-Wisdom, the “Eye” from the “Heart" doctrine. 
But even ignorance is better than Head-learning with no Soul-wisdom to illuminate and guide it. ... 
The “Doctrine of the Eye” is for the crowd, the “Doctrine of the Heart,” for the elect. …

“Great Sifter” is the name of the “Heart Doctrine….” 

Blavatsky, The Voice of the Silence, 1889


“... you ... of interior knowledge ...  Say, then, from the heart that
you are the perfect day and in you dwells the light that does not fail. ...
They are the ones who appear in truth since they exist in true and eternal life
and speak of the light which is perfect and filled with the seed of the Father,
and which is in his heart and in the pleroma,
while his Spirit rejoices in it and glorifies the one in whom it existed .…”
Christ, Gospel of Truth (Nag Hammadi Library, Robinson, 1981)


“I am the Self, O conqueror of sleep, seated in the hearts of all creatures.

I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all beings.”  (10, 20)

“I am that Lord represented as the Supersoul, dwelling in the heart

of every embodied being.”

Bhagavad-Gita (8, 4)


“Within the lotus of the heart he dwells, where, like the spokes of a wheel in its hub, the nerves meet. ...
 This Self, who understands all, who knows all, and whose glory is manifest in the universe,
lives within the lotus of the heart.” 

Mundaka Upanishad


“Many seem wide awake to the life without, but asleep to the life within;
and though the chamber of their heart is continually visited by the hosts of heaven,
they do not know their own heart; they are not there.
if the heart of man were expanded, it would accommodate the whole universe,
just like a drop in the ocean.  The heart can be so large that it can hold the whole universe, all.”   

Hazrat Inayat Khan (1982, 1960)


“The heart is the treasury in which God's mysteries are stored;
 Seek the purpose of both the worlds through the heart, for that is the point of it.”  Sufi poet, Lahiji


“The heart must make of itself a hollow space wherein Godliness can be revealed in stages.
Thus the heart (binah) corresponds to the hollow of Creation …
the Vacated Space. Binah, then, is conceptually the Vacated Space wherein the formation

of all the Universe takes place.”              

Kabbalist & Judaic scholar, C. Kramer, 1998






Stanza of Dzyan, from Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine (1888)

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