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"EXPLODING COMET: When the core of Comet 17P/Holmes erupted on Oct. 23rd, at first the comet looked like a dimensionless point of light in the night sky. But now "the comet's disk is visible to the naked eye," reports Doug Zubenel of Lincoln County, Kansas. The expansion of the debris cloud is shown in this doublet of images taken Oct. 25th and 26th by amateur astronomer Wah! of Hong Kong using an 8-inch LX200 telescope:

What is happening to Comet Holmes? It remains a mystery--one that you can behold with your naked eyes. Step outside after sunset, face north, and look for the growing and fuzzy "star" in the thigh of Perseus: sky map. Comet Holmes is similar in brightness to the stars of the Big Dipper, very easy to see!       

“ ... 'material points without extension' (zero-points)
are ... the materials out of which the 'Gods' and other invisible powers clothe themselves in bodies ...”
Madame H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, 1888

Any cosmos originates
                  from an incredibly small point source rooted into



Supernal Points 
& the Mystical Heart 
of Judaism and Kabbalah

"The heart must make of itself a hollow space wherein Godliness can be revealed in stages. The verse thus states (Psalms 109:22), "My heart is hollow within me." Thus the heart (binah) corresponds to the hollow of Creation, the Vacated Space. Within the Vacated Space is placed Godliness, but gradually, in stages. This is the meaning of (Exodus 31:6), "In the hearts of the wise, I have placed wisdom." For Godly Chokhmah is concealed within Binah, which corresponds to the heart. Thus, even in the Vacated Space, Godliness exists in concealed form. Binah, then, is conceptually the Vacated Space wherein the formation of all the Universe takes place."

(Anatomy Of The Soul, by Chaim Kramer, Breslov Research Institute, Jerusalem. 1998. pp. 211-212)

This is a profound piece of writing, portraying the heart as an empty space, embodying the principle of Binah, the Divine Mother; wherein the light of the Divine Father is concealed--all as a zero point centre within a human being.


The Kabbalist Universe

“...the void of Unmanifest Existence  ... was ... the size of a dimensionless dot
in the midst of the Absolute.”

“... every created being cries out the name I AM  as it emerges from Kether, 
before plunging into the Cosmic Sea below.”

- Kabbalist, Halevi, 1977 –

From Jonathan Cott’s Visions & Voices, 1987 

Jonathan Cott: Cosmologists have speculated that at the first explosive moment of the birth of the universe, everything that exists–or ever will exist–was contained within a single spark of energy, smaller than an atom’s nucleus and ruled by a single primordial law.

Rabbi Lawrence Kushner: One dot–a point of light.  Perhaps the fact that contemporary cosmologists talk about a dimensionless point of light from which all being sprang and that the Kabbalists long ago came up with precisely the same image (in the fourteenth century, Moses de Leon spoke of “a hidden supernal point” whose “primal center is the innermost light, of a translucence, subtlety, and purity beyond comprehension”) means that this awareness comes from something we all carry within us.  We’re walking Torahs ... if we could just shut up and listen to it.  As Rabbi Dov Baer of Mezritch said: “I shall teach you the best way to say Torah.  You must cease to be aware of yourselves.  You must be nothing but an ear which hears what the universe of the word is constantly saying within you.” (page 209)


"The heart must make of itself a hollow space 
wherein Godliness can be revealed in stages.
The verse thus states (Psalms 109:22), "My heart is hollow within me." 
Thus the heart (binah) corresponds to the hollow of Creation, 
the Vacated Space. Within the Vacated Space is placed Godliness, 
but gradually, in stages. This is the meaning of (Exodus 31:6),
"In the hearts of the wise, I have placed wisdom." 
For Godly Chokhmah is concealed within Binah, 
which corresponds to the heart. Thus, even in the Vacated Space, 
Godliness exists in concealed form. Binah, then, is 
conceptually the Vacated Space 
wherein the formation of all the Universe takes place." 
(C. Kramer, 1998, pp. 211-212)

The heart is an empty space, embodying Binah, the Divine Mother; wherein the light of the Divine Father is concealed--all as a zero point centre within a human being.  If we consider such Kabbalist concepts from the perspective of modern physics, with an understanding of the quantum vacuum, singularities, and higher dimensions, then we can arrive at a profound model of the multidimensional origins and nature of human consciousness.  There is a profound physics and metaphysics to the human heart, the Self within Tipheret, which embodies  the vacated Space of Binah. 

Source: Manly Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

'I' emerges from a zero point source rooted into higher dimensional space, crosses the abiss and declares 'I Am.'  From a divine emanation, to a spiritual spark, to a world of formation or ensoulment, and finally into the physical world made, a human being expands and contracts from within without within the Spaces of the Heart, Binah, and is clothed in different bodies within the multidimensional universe.  An individual has a deep inward physics and metaphysics to Self, of a nature that is really far beyond the simplistic materialist views dominant in modern science and psychology, and far beyond anything which people ordinarily image.  I arises from within the emptyness and fullness of the Aether of Space, and the Kabbalist Tree of Life and Ladder of Jacob are profound depictions of these inner dimensions and dynamics, and provide a complex model of the deep physics and metaphysics of consciousness, spirit and soul.

In this view, “I” is capable of realizing and experiencing this deep inward nature, and penetrating the veils of nature into the realms of supernal being.   The “I AM” is embodied within the Tree of Life into a structure of four world-orders, and Yesod becomes the basis for egoic consciousness, while Tepheret and Da'at are zero point centres rooted into higher dimensions, and the basis for Self realization and God realization.  Modern physics allows us to comprehend such ancient mystical teachings.  Read Dr. Holmes' original writings on the Calubi Yau Spaces, which sure look like the "matrix of creation" surrounding a Divine Source Emanation.  Imagine this, that the I stands forth and cries out "I AM." 

 Supernal Points  & The Mystical Heart
of Judaism and Kabbalah


1.  Diagrams of God, the Microcosm & the Macrocosm 
2.  Negative Existence: Three Realms of Non-Being & the Supernal Points 
3.  The Zimzum & the Supernal Point 

A Kabbalist Metaphysics 
of Human Consciousness & the Heart

1.  On Kabbalah and the Science of Human Consciousness and the Heart
2.  Da’at: The God Particle of the Kabbalist
3.  Tiphereth & the Spiritual Essence
4.  The Four Worlds & the Central Pillar of Consciousness, Light and Will 


A Selection from the chapter on Mystical Christianity from The Heart Doctrine, on John Francis' writings:

"The inner process of entering the Center Point of the soul is like threading the eye of the needle.  Jesus also referred to this as "entering the Kingdom of God." It requires steadiness of attention and acute perception.  ... in our discussion of soul anatomy, the Centre Point of the soul is surrounded by a small shell forming what mystics call the "cave of the heart."  (Francis, 1998, p. 46)

     Christian mystic John Francis, author of The Mystic Way of Radiant Love: Alchemy for a New Creation, (Heart Blossom Books, Los Altos, California, 1998) writes,  "My mission is to help uncover the forgotten, deep heart teachings of Jesus."   Francis explains that "the mystical parables and sayings of Jesus have either been ignored or given superficial intepretations that miss their original deeper, intent."  (p. 6)  Francis provides a valuable perspective on the anatomy of the soul as suggested by an esoteric interpretation of  key Christian scriptures. 

     Christ states, "the Kingdom of God is within you,"  (Luke 17:21) and further, that "the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed."  Francis explains that the "mustard seed" is an ancient metaphor for the Center Point of the soul.    Frances writes:

Mystics down through the ages have dived deeply into the soul and have made a common discovery.  The soul has a Center a sacred point of contact where the human and the Divine meet in sublime communion. ... Furthermore, mystics through the ages have described God as a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.  If we think of ordinary human awareness as the circumference of a circle then its center is a point. ... Saint Francis de Sales referred to the Center as the "fine point of the soul."  Father Louis Massignon of France called the spiritual Center of the soul "Le point vierge"--the virgin point. ... Father Merton in turn wrote of the little "'point' or virgin eye by which we know Him! (Christ). 
     Jesus reveals the existence of this Central Point in His mustard seed parable. " ...  He is referring to the smallest of all things--the infinitesimally-small Center Point."   (pp. 14-5)
Even the word meditation translated from the Latin "mediari,"  literally means "being returned to the center."
     Francis draws upon other sacred verses to illustrate: "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hid in a field," which leads the man to 'sell all that he had to attain it.' (Matthew 13:44)  This is a priceless thing within a large expanse of space, and Frances suggests that similarly we "must go beneath the surface of our field of awareness to discover the soul's buried treasure." 
     In the next versus of Matthew, the kingdom of heaven is compared to 'a pearl of great price' and the mechant similarly sells off everything he has to attain this pearl. Christ then compares the Kingdom of heaven to 'leaven,'as the living substance,  which is 'hid in three measures of meal,' suggesting that the life principles is mixed into the three modes of nature- the mental, emotional and physical lives of human beings, and hidden there. 
     Francis then quotes Matthew 6:22, Luke 11:34: "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."  Francis notes that Jesus did not say the plural "eyes" because this eye is not in the usual mode "as a perceptual receptor" but rather it is "a point source of light." (p. 16)  St John of the Cross thus wrote: "With no other light or guide, Than the one which burns in my heart,"  in the Ascent of Mount Carmel. Frances notes that other saints have similarly referred to "this interior star," --as "the star of love," the star "that nourishes and heals" and "expands." 
     Francis concludes: 
"... the mustard seed," the "one pearl," the "single eye," and the "star" in the heart are all metaphors that can be used to represent the Center Point of the soul.  Each one reveals a different attribute of this wondrous point."  (p. 17)
The I-existence originates from a point source, and then as a seed of the Father within the cave of the heart.  The significance of the esoteric teaching is hidden within the parables, and Church literature. 
     Even the word meditation refers to finding one' centre, within such a single I, the magical 'star' nature, and being able to experience the light and love of God within oneself.  The Kingdom of God is within you, Christ states, so perhaps we might wonder where, and what is the significance of this within our lives. 
      Christ states in the parables, that "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God."  (Matthew 19, Mark 10, or Luke 18)  Francis interpretes this passage: 
The innermost anatomy of the soul can be compared to a needle's eye
because the Center Point is enclosed in what could be called a shell
which creates an exceedingly small and deeply interior sacred hollow. (emphasis added, p. 17)
Francis explains that "this holy sanctuary" of the heart is referred to metaphorically as a "cave," and that the mystical path is one of "entering the Cave of the Heart." 
     Christian mystics describe varied 'shells' or 'layers' which surround the divine spark, such that "the inner spark of the soul is trapped in these concentric shells."  Meister Eckhart thus wrote: "A man has many skins in himself covering the depths of his heart." and Teilhard de Chardin spoke of the "incandescence of the inward layers of being."
     Francis writes:
... parables speak of the shell that encloses the inner eye of the soul.
... the "three measures of flour" that hide the leaven suggest that this shell
has multiple layers. Moving inward toward the Center we must pass
through the physical, then the emotional and finally through the mental layer of being before entering the silent cave of the heart. (p. 21)
"The inner process of entering the Center Point of the soul is like threading the eye of a needle."  (p. 46)   It is passing through and transcending these veils, sheaths, layers or bodies, which serve to bind the soul, like the rich man, to the external phenomena of life.
"... space-time came into existence by being squeezed out of a point....
a space-time structure (is created) out of a single point!
With this interpretation of space-time, certain paradoxes of nonlocality
which require super-luminal speeds are no longer paradoxes.
The reason is that everything is always connected because
everything is really part of the same point."

(physicist J. Dea writing about The Secret Doctrine, 1984, p.91)

"In Jesus, the Christ or Central Spark which is God in us all, living in everybody today, was drawn forth to show itself perfectly ruling the material body or flesh man. It is in this way that He did all His mighty works, not because He was in some way different from you.  ... He did these works because this same Divine Spark, which the father has implanted in every child, was fanned into a brighter flame by His own efforts in holding Himself in conscious communion with God Himself, the source of all Life, Love and Power." 

Baird T. Spalding, Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East. (V1, p.122)

"I cognized the center of the empyrean as a point
of intuitive perception in my heart. 
Irradiating splendor issued from my nucleus 
to every part of the universal structure. ..." 
Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi. 1998, p.168
“The zero-dimension or the point is a limit. This means that we see something as a point, but we do not know what is concealed behind this point.  It may actually be a point, that is, a body having no dimensions and it may also be a whole world, but a world so far removed from us or so small that it appears to us a point. ... seven cosmoses related to one another in the ratio of zero to infinity.”
P. D. Ouspensky In Search of the Miraculous, 1949
"In this Process of Translation, we pass as if through a point in space, at the root center of the heart. All awareness converges on that point in a kind of  spiral or vortex. And that point is so small it is without dimensions, or any conceptions, or any objects. The independent self seems to dissolve in this  narrow Passage ....
The Divine Translation is a matter of Transcendence of separate
bodily, emotional, mental, astral, supermental, and egoic states of experience.
It is a Transition through the infinitesimal space of the Heart."
Heart Master  Adi Da, 1978

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Quantum physics suggests the entire universe might be."

On the Scientific American View of  Holography, and the Seven Dimensional Calabi-Yau Spaces.

On Superstring Theory, M-theory,
and the Mysterious Seven Dimensional Calabi-Yau Spaces,
which sure sound like the Zero Point Laya Centers of Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine

The God Particle of Leon Maurer - a contemporary Einstein of Mysticism 

"Each individual human consciousness is simply a zero-point of awareness(at the source and center of its triune Monad)

reflecting directly from,and entangled with the initial zero-point of initial Cosmic awareness.

" ... in my ABC theory, ... we start from the dimensionless zero-point and its abstract motion or “spinergy,” and trace its essentially spherical expansion in a completely logical progression, through the transcendental hyperspace dimensions, as they fractally involve down and, after breaking their symmetry, finally evolve to the 4-D space (3 metric dimensions plus time) we experience. And, eventually, end up with something similar to Superstring/M-brane theory–but coming to it from the opposite direction.”  (Maurer,, Jan.2004)


Within-Without from Zero Points:

A Quantum approach to Consciousness and the Physics and Metaphysics of Being and Nothingness

“The Universe is worked and guided from within outwards.
As above so it is below, as in heaven so on earth;
and man-the microcosm and miniature copy of the macrocosm-
is the living witness to this Universal Law and to the mode of its action.”
(H. Blavatsky, 1888, p. 274)
Esoteric mystical and spiritual teachings provide a profoundly alternative view of the origin and nature of the universe, and of the origin and nature of consciousness. Generally, these perspectives are unknown within modern psychology and science, in consciousness studies, and in quantum approaches to the mind.  However, the ancient mystery teachings are profoundly relevant to the current issues of consciousness, physics and cosmology. These perspectives allow a wholly different understanding of the possible quantum or zero point origin of human consciousness, and a way of approaching the deep physics and meta-physics of being.

In 1888, Blavatsky described the universe as originating within-without from a zero point source-“an unextended point” rooted within the aether of higher space dimensions. She described the “Gods” and other invisible powers as “clothing themselves in bodies” through zero point dynamics by which the influences and forces of higher realms are brought down into material nature. Thus all cosmoses are guided and worked from within/without, and all things are rooted into the “seeming void” and yet “divine plenum” of the Absolute. Any Son, or created universe, originates from a point source within the plenum, expands from within/without and eventually contracts from without/within, resolving back into the underlying realm.  The fundamental dogma of the ancient wisdom, according to Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, is that there is “one indivisible and absolute Omniscience and Intelligence in the Universe, and this thrills throughout every … infinitesimal point of the whole finite Kosmos.” Zero points are the means by which individual lives are focused out of this underlying unified Omniscience and Intelligence.

Remarkably, the creation dynamics elaborated by Blavatsky in 1888, anticipated the newest views of modern physics. Scientists trace the creation of the universe to a first instant of time, 10-43 seconds, at a particular level of material differentiation, at 10-33 centimeters-the dimensions at which physical differentiation began-out of the seeming void and plenum of the quantum vacuum. In the vacuum genesis account, creation proceeds as the singularity expands from within/without and symmetry breaking occurs in higher dimensional space, to precipitate dimensions of being out of nothingness. However, although science accepts the idea of the universe originating from a singularity, the same model is never considered in relationship to consciousness studies,  This paper proposes that the physics and metaphysics derived from the study of the macrocosm, be applied directly to understand the microcosm: Human consciousness originates from a zero point source established in higher space dimensions, within the seeming void and plenum. Further, mystics identify this zero point center most immediately with the mystical dimensions of the heart. Whereas, the last century of modern science has focused on the brain as a physical mechanism, which somehow produces consciousness, the ancient wisdoms depict the Heart as the true center of the inner cosmos of consciousness. Blavatsky quotes an ancient Stanza: “The Sons expand and contract from their own Selves and Hearts.” Thus, at the “heart” of a living being is a zero point center-the quantum Self, or I, a point source of supernal light established within higher dimensional Space. The Dali Lama describes this conjunction of the light of pure mind and infinitesimal space particles. In the Vedas, the supersoul (or paramatma) is infinite, while the individual spirit soul is infinitesimal-an inherently self-illuminating quantum of consciousness established within the “cave of Brahman” or the “lotus of the heart.” Ramana Maharshi (1995) describes “self realization” as involving the “dissolution of the mind in the Heart lotus.” Consciousness is further rooted into the void/plenum and the deep substratum of existence. A Sufis comments: “Not since God brought man out of nothingness, has he ceased to be a traveler.”

From a mystical perspective, modern theorists make a series of mistakes about the nature and origin of consciousness. Firstly, it is associated with the mind and brain, instead of the heart (and the circulation of blood). As a quantum system, the heart, not the head, is the center of a human being, as the electromagnetic volume of the heart is estimated at five thousand times that of the brain. (Pearsall, 1999) Mystics describe the heart as the Sun of the body, while the mind is the moon-with no light of its own, and only reflecting the light of the Self within the heart Space. In this view, consciousness is not dependent upon neurological processes at all, as these simply provide varied “contents” of experience. The vast evidence for near-death and out of body experiences, states of awakening and enlightenment, clearly suggests this. A mistake within the holographic paradigm is the assumption that experiences only occur in the brain, and that, as Karl Pribram comments “there are no laser beams in the brain.” Mystical teachings suggest that the zero point source of coherent light within the Heart Space establishes the holographic basis of human consciousness.

Mystical approaches to creation involve the study of numbers and metaphysical principles embodied within the creation process. God is said firstly to be One, then Three and Seven; as a ray of pure white light divided by a three-sided prism yields a spectrum of seven colors.. The Laws of Three and Seven permeate all cosmic phenomena on all planes of being. In fact, these principles are latent within the nothing-ness of pre-existence.  Similarly, there are three modes of nature representing intelligence, energy and matter, which manifest on successively dense planes of material existence. This creates a seven dimensional universe all out of a seven dimensional hyperspace that existed before the beginning. When God sculpts the void, and order arises out of disorder or chaos, it does so according to an inner geometry of being involving these divine principles. These principles can be applied to the study of physics and cosmology, and to the study of the circulation of light within the inner cosmos of consciousness.

Zero Points & Heart Spaces
Article published May 2002 in Tone magazine, Ottawa, Ontario
The term “zero point” is taken from the mystic Madame Helena Blavatsky, author of  The Secret Doctrine (1888).  Blavatsky explains:  “... material points without extension (zero-points) ... are the materials out of which the “Gods” and other invisible powers clothe themselves in bodies.”  Any “Son”–any created cosmos, whether a universe or an individual human being–has a zero point center. Another Stanza of Dzyan, from The Secret Doctrine reads: “The  Sons expand and contract through their own selves and hearts; they embrace infinitude. ...  Each is a part of the web.  Reflecting the “Self-existing Lord” like a mirror, each become in turn a world.”   The Sons expand and contract through the dimensions of the heart space.  Ramana Maharshi explains that in samadhi, or enlightened consciousness, “it is the Self in the Heart that supports him in that state.”  The  mystical conjunction of zero point divine sparks within the hyperspace dimensions of the Heart gives rise to human consciousness.  The zero point divine spark is the quantum self, a point source of divine light and life, of spiritual and divine consciousness within the human being the “I” that “I AM,” the hidden Self pointed to by mystics and sages throughout the ages.

    In order to understand the nature of zero points, we have to consider the nature of space–both the four dimensional space we are familiar with, and the subtle, higher dimensional Space which sustains it.  The mysteries of consciousness are intimately interrelated to the mysteries of space and the inner dimensions of being.  Consciousness arises from the conjunction of divine sparks within the Divine Mother, the aether of space.  The zero point reflects the qualities of the Divine Father, the Self Existing Lord, the zero point source of supernal light; while the sacred aether of Space embodies the mysteries of the Divine Mother, the akasha or ether.  Understanding the conjunction of the zero point within the heart space is a key to unlocking  the mystical origins of consciousness and self, and transforms our experience of life and the universe.

    The sevenfold nature of creation and of Space is another basic teaching of the divine wisdom, which helps us to understand the world orders, and the Space within which we exist, as I.  Blavatsky states: “Everything in the metaphysical as in the physical Universe is septenary.” Divine sparks descend through various higher space dimensions within the seven depths of the Divine Mother.   This is depicted by the mystic poet Kabir, who writes: “Inside this jar there are seven oceans and innumerable stars.”

    The mystics suggest awesome possibilities for human consciousness and experience in a profoundly deep universe.  Humans live in forgetfulness of their true nature, of self, and of the higher dimensional nature of Space within which we live, move and have our being. The mysteries of consciousness are intimately tied to the mysteries of heart space.  Unfortunately, people asleep think that this is all romanticism or metaphor, which it is not.  There is a science of consciousness and the Heart.

    Aleister Crowley, in The Law is for All, elaborates these mysteries–in explanations of Hadit and Nuit.  Hadit is an infinitely small and atomic point, while Nuit is infinite space, the root principle of creation which allows for the manifestation of Hadit.  The conjunction of Hadit, the supernal point within cosmic space, Nuit, is the root for all manifestation.  Hadit and Nuit are identified with various dualities; the masculine and feminine principles, yang and yin, motion and matter, the star or point of light within the darkness and emptiness of space.  The term Nuit is French for night and suggests the darkness of a night sky,  populated by stars, all manifestations of Hadit.

    “Every man and every woman is a star.” The Book of the Law states that each individual is comprised–in their magical nature–as a point of divine light within cosmic space.  The Body of Nuit is the macrocosm and is symbolized by 0, zero. In contrast, Hadit is: “the sun, one point concentrating space,” the “core of every star,” and “the unit of the macrocosm.” –an infinitely small zero point source represented by the number 1, which stands like “I.”  Thus,  “...  in the Temple called Man is the God, his Soul, or Star, individual and eternal, ... inherent in the Body of Our Lady Nuit.  I am the flame that burns in very heart of man, and in the core of every star.”

    Various veils obscure the relationship between Hadit and Nuit, and the “secret light” within, which is identified with consciousness– “our light is the inmost point of illuminated consciousness.”  Just as the sun illuminates the outer cosmos, so Hadit is an innermost point of consciousness illuminating the experiences and dimensions of the inner cosmos. There can be “no regular temples” of Nuit or of Hadit, and Crowley describes the religion of the era as the “cult of the Sun,”–as this is our particular star in the outer world within the Body of Nuit.  The aim within magick is for the individual to “consummate the marriage of Nuit and Hadit in themselves.”  All of life, especially love and love making, should be devoted to Nuit and her infinite possibilities for being known.  Hadit knows Nuit most deeply through love.  The individual is to be Hadit and to worship Her, and “offer ourselves unto Nuit, pilgrims to all her temples.” The key to the worship of Nuit is, “The uniting of consciousness with infinite space by the exercise of love ... Let love be “under” or “unto” the Body of Nuit.”  These concepts depict the mystical dimensions of love and the deepest origins of Self, the point interval Star within.

    The Book of the Law is spoken by Nuit, the Divine Goddess, and states that the uniting of Hadit and Nuit shall “bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of men.”  The aim of magick is to consummate this mystical marriage. The Book of the Law depicts ecstasy as a key to reality: “Religious ecstasy is necessary to man’s soul.”  As a star, each individual must come to know Divine Will and to manifest Love under Will, in order to re-unite with Nuit.

    This brings us to Crowley’s most simple magical formula of the Universe:  1 + (-1) = 0.  Crowley notes: “Ultimate Reality is best described by Numbers and their interplay,”and his  magical formula is a profound illustration of this.  The +1 represents the male yang principle; and the -1, the female yin principle–or alternatively, heaven and earth, spirit and matter, the sun and moon, or Hadit and Nuit. When these forces are in perfect balance, the equation is solved, the complex of differentiation resolves back into the primary nothingness.  It all adds up to Zero, O. On a psychological and metaphysical level, Crowley relates this magical formula to the “uniting of consciousness with infinite space by the exercise of love ....:”

    The essence of love and of life is that it must be a sacrament unto Nuit.  This will bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of a human being.  The resolution of consciousness back into its zero point source within infinite space, merges into the Nothingness, the plenum and root principles of creation.  Ultimately, perfect symmetry involves the mystical marriage of Hadit and Nuit, in which only Nothingness remains: +1 + (-1) = 0.  This simple equation expresses the most profound ideas about the inner cosmos of consciousness and the mysteries of Space.   Crowley describes his own experiences of enlightenment: “I lost consciousness of everything but a universal space in which were innumerable bright points, and I realized this as a physical representation of the universe, in what I may call its essential structure.  I exclaimed: “Nothingness, with twinkles!” ... “But what Twinkles!”

    What exactly does all of this mean, and what are the implications and applications of such deceptively simple concepts?   These are the deep mysteries explored by the fool at the zero point.


"The secret of secrets is the divine spark
within each of us. 
Remembrance is remembering 
that which we already know
It is to get in touch with that divine spark
that God has placed within each human being.
In the Koran it says that God breathed from
the divine soul into Adam; 
another way of translating that would be
that God placed a divine spark into
every human being.  And that divine spark
is the secret of secrets.
My master put it this way:
That spark in us could set the whole universe
on fire. Its greater than the universe itself
because its a spark of what is infinite.
And its within every one of us.
Who we are is far more than who we think
we are. 
"To practice remembrance," you've said,
"is to unveil the knowledge and power 
and beauty of this spark of God within us."

Robert Frager/Sheikh Ragip
psychologist and Sufi Master
in conversation with Jonathan Cott
On the Sea of Memory: 
A Journey from Forgetting to Remembering
(Random House, N. Y., 2005)

"I who cannot be fit into universes upon universes,
fit into the heart of the sincere believer."

"The heart is the treasury
in which God's mysteries are stored;
Seek the purpose of both the worlds
through the heart, for 
that is the point of it."
Sufi poet, Lahiji

"The divine spark of creation
works its alchemy within,
and something new is formed
in the depths of our hearts."
from Divine Alchemy, Naomi Stone

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