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August 5, 2010

Poetry by Naomi Stone
- with new translated verses of Rumi's poetry from Persian
& paintings by Rassouli -

Original contribution to Zero Point

Sea of Serenity
by Rassouli

Poetry of Naomi Stone
and original Rumi translations by Rassouli.

"Oh singing nightingale! 

Sing your heart out! 

 For the moaning of desire 

pierces the heart of the stone." 


"I have been reflecting through the heart, reading, listening,
and hearing the voice

of Rumi come alive! 
 I receive a flow of insight into the essence of existence.......into my own being. 
Rumi has been a catalyst for deepening my own writing. 
His verses work away at the psyche
to open the heart."
I would like to dedicate
my poetry to Rumi, 
who awakened my heart to sing again, 
and to Rassouli, 
who has brought Rumi's voice 
so beautifully to life in the new translations 
of his verses, in Rumi Revealed

Naomi Stone



“Fountain of Grace”
Painting by Rassouli


Heart to Heart

 God weaves our hearts together

in a spiral of ascending love.

We surrender all that we were

merging into one great I am.

The Spirit guides our essence

through the very Heart of God

mixing our bodies and our blood 

with Divine particles of Light 

transforming us in Mystery. 

We walk the earth without

ever touching the ground.

We speak a new language

without making a sound. 

We are united in Glory 

as spreading beams of Light. 

A feather falls from an Angel. 

A drop of water falls from Love 

 turning the earth to Paradise. 

All Creation springs to Life. 

A single Divine Touch 

from the Hand of God 

unites all Lovers in a 

Moment of Communion. 

We are baptized with Spirit 

and arise with the Sun. 

We spread our arms and fly 

without any wings. 

We soar in the wonder 

of Spirits set free by Soul 

to live Heart to Heart 

in the Oneness of Love.



A Blank Page

My life has become a playground

where I build castles 

out of sparks and stardust

from the mind of God.

I write my dreams

across the sky,

and I awaken to discover

 they have taken form

all around me,

wherever I walk

whatever I touch,

the finger of God

creates images of love

across the blank page

of my heart,

and with every beat

the power of life flows

through me

like a rushing river.

Come with me and taste

the joy from this fountain

of liquid light

as we walk along the shore

of infinite


Divine Alchemy

We ride the tip of the wave as it crests

finding the beauty of life in the ride.

As the peak dissolves and returns,

we flow into the sea once more.

In the darkness and the shelter

of the depths of the ocean floor,

we wait for life to be reborn

and for the tide to carry us home.

The divine spark of creation

works its alchemy within,

and something new is formed

in the depths of our hearts.

The bloom finds the surface

and grows toward the light.

 The momentum of love

 gives us flight toward the sun.

In the heat of the flame,

we surrender our wings,

and we ride another wave

to the glory of Heaven.

A few feathers fall to earth

as the only trail to follow.

If you listen, there is music,

and the fragrance of the rose.

Touched by the Sun

Oh heart! The beauty of the language of the heart

has become enough to touch and awaken my own.

If I never truly know from where it flows

or never speak a name that adorns its truth,

The spark of the divine in me arises

to ignite and join the fire of another heart.

I could no more turn away from the glowing embers

than I could stop the other heart that beats my own.

The divine seeds have found their mark

as I reach for the Light in the dark of the night.

The questions of my mind are heard no more

as a tidal wave of love drowns my human cry.

Under the rushing waters of the rising tide

the flame still burns its path to me.

Illuminating the way for everyone to see

as we struggle in the places where the Light is gone.

Scatter the sparks and spread the light

across the mountains and the seas!

Write the language of love across the sky

with the smoke from the ashes of a thousand cries.

Create a solar flare, new land rising from the ocean floor,

a rushing wind and the energy from a thousand hearts!

New life will find its way to the sky

as beauty grows from beauty in every heart.

Heart Song

How do I speak of the unspeakable?

How do I share what is not of this world?

How do I offer a cup overflowing?

How do I write of radiance in words?

I offer it to a Wisdom beyond my own.

I trust Divine grace to find a way.

I offer you a Chalice of Love

where Lover's lips have touched.

I sing my heart songs at dawn, 

and I sing them at noon.

I let them flow in the evening,

and in the darkness of the night.

May you hear the music

and let it capture you.

May you hear another beating heart

deep within your own.

I am disappearing into Light.

I grow brighter by the hour.

You will see me in the sky

in the birth of every star.

You will see me in the moon,

and in the rays of the sun.

You will taste me in the wine.

You will touch me in the bread.

Yet, I will be but a fragment

of the One who creates us all.

It is only a beginning

of the Love that waits for you.

“Sea of Serenity”
Painting by Rassouli

Night Window

And I saw it.

Planets and suns turning in space,

Collapsing stars and new ones being born,

Babies across the earth breaking the silence

With their innocent cries,

Shifting lands and moving seas,

Continents and countries,

Insects and fish and animals,

And birds in flight,

Fields of flowers and forests,

Men and women from all nations,

Children of every race,

Moons and galaxies and clouds,

Waterfalls and rivers and lakes

And ponds and great oceans,

 Rays of light and rainbows, 

 Rain and snow and ice,

Volcanoes and wind and fire,

Trees and leaves of every kind, 

Space and time and distance

And black holes and dark matter,

Cells dividing and multiplying,

 Fragments of Divine Being

 Spinning into form

Before my eyes.

Darkness and light

 And night and day,

Suns rising and setting,

 Mountains and valleys

And hills and horizons

And millions of precious faces

Across a cosmic sky and

Much more that I could not see

With my human eyes.

 Beyond each created miracle

Was the Presence of

The One Great Life

Embracing us all,

Breathing life into Being

Pouring out and running over

With Love.


Fractals of God

I am guided into a space

with the scent of roses in the wind.

I feel something of who I used to be

dissolving into the beauty.

I can only sing the sweet notes

of my soul as I gaze around in awe.

All else is suddenly hushed and silent.

 My heart knows that love is in the air.

I cannot contain the joy in my earthly form,

so I surrender and let it go

 leaving the pure essence of my heart

to celebrate this sacred gift.

I raise my arms in praise

feeling the laughter breaking loose.

The light of God encircles 

what is left of me and calls me home. 



"The awakened heart is like a lantern. 
keep it sheltered
from the turbulence
caused by the winds of desire.

When you go beyond this turbulence, 
you will get to the Divine Spring,
where you will forever be intimate
with one who nourishes your soul.

With your soul nourished, 
you will be like a tree in spring
that always bears new fruit,
for its movement flows from within the heart."


Verses from  Rumi Revealed

to be released spring, 2006.

Translation from original Persian to English by Rassouli

Poetic refinement by Rassouli 
and Naomi Stone

from the Divan of Shams

Naomi Stone



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