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December 10, 2011



The Madness of Humanity,

The Ascendancy of the Old World Psychiatric Disorder


Beyond 2012—the Zero Point Proposal 



1.  Secret of the Seventh Point

& the Significance of 11:37

Synchronicities are the jokers in nature’s pack of card, for they refuse to play by the rules and offer a hint that, in our quest for certainty about the universe, we may have ignored some vital clues.  (Peat, 1987, p. 7)


I am going to attempt to explain the background and significance of this cover illustration and of the 11:37 numerology in the title of this book.   These things have multiple levels of meaning in light of the current crises in the life of humanity, especially as it ties into the significance of the Star of David on the Houses of Parliament, and what conspiracy theory suggests about the Rothschild, Zionist and Masonic agendas and hidden control of Canada, as of the US and European countries.   Why is the Star of David or Seal of Solomon on the Peace Tower clock facing south towards the Masonic Lodge across the street?   For that matter, why are those working under the ‘peace tower’ supportive of criminal wars based on lies and public deception?  And further, why do they allow the chemtrail poisoning of their own citizens?


Personally, I feel that the Star of David on the Peace Tower clock is a very beautiful and inspiring sight, although unfortunately, most people have no idea of what it all means or of how your politicians belie its true meaning and significance.   To me, it is significance that this Star of David has a central point, the life or moving principle at the center of the clock which moves the hands; so it is not empty inside like Solomon’s Seal on Israel’s flag and the Rothschild’s shield.  To me, the Star of David means that the Houses of Parliament really belong to those of us citizens ‘upright of heart’ and it is our task to reclaim our country from the insidious and criminal cabals who have highjacked the nation.   We have to live up to the higher ideals embodied in the ancient symbol of the six pointed star with a seventh central point, instead of sinking into the soulless life of the new world order elites with their puppet politicians and media deceptions. 


I took this picture of the clock on the Peace Tower of the Ottawa Houses of Parliament on September 17th of 2011.   I spent that day on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill from approximately ten in the morning till after six in the evening.  I had gone out to support an Ottawa 9-11 truth group who were playing a new video from the Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth group, explaining the scientific evidence that Building 7 and the Two Towers were brought down by obvious controlled demolitions.  From 4 pm to 6 that day, I conducted my bimonthly radio show through from the Hill using my cell phone and interviewing members of the 9-11 group at end of their day.  The day was clear and sunny apart from the massive chemtrail spraying being conducted all over the Ottawa skyline throughout the day.  While I was on the Hill, at different times through the day, I took short videos of the skyline documenting the chemtrail spraying with some dramatic shots of chemtrails highlighted behind the peace tower. 


In the weeks after taking the videos, I began to learn how to use a media program to create a short documentary film, entitled:  A Day in the Life of the Chemtrail Poisoning of the Citizens of Ottawa by a Psychopathic Elite.  When composing this video, I used a tool which rotates the scenes to make the transitions between the video clips more interesting.  In the photo above, the shot of the peace tower is being rotated in this way against a black background. 


One day, a friend’s son was helping me learn more of studio composition and we happened to stop the video at the frame of this photo as it was turning.  The image immediately drew my attention and I asked my friend if there was any way that I could capture that image.  I learnt then how to use the print screen button to seize a screen image and then to transfer it over into the Paint program, where I could save it.


So I happened to capture this transitional moment in my shot of the Peace Tower.  It was only subsequently that I realized that the time on the clock was 11:37.   This was a total coincidence as far as I was concerned, as I had no idea of what the time on the clock was when I happened to take the videos of it.  I had not been aware of what the time was until the picture was extracted from the video. 


For most people, this would not be much of any kind of coincidence, but for me, it had and has profound significance, as the number sequence of 1-3-7, and the alpha constant of science 1/137 are prominent in my writings and work on ancient metaphysics and modern science.  Furthermore, these numbers have often come up for me in coincidental ways over the past years and I have considered them my magical numbers.  Furthermore, the significance of these number ties into the meaning and significance of the Star of David or the Seal of Solomon.   


A remarkable series of coincidences led to the capturing of this image with the clock set to this particular time of 11:37.  I just happened to video the tower at that time although I had taken under ten minutes of video through the day with only about 10 seconds of a close up of the clock.   Then it was coincidental that I happened to capture this photo in transition as I did, even still without realizing its significance.  It was only subsequently, that I incorporated the number sequence of 11:37 into this book title and decided to explain some of its significance.


In Synchronicity: The Bridge between matter and mind (1987), physicist David Peat investigated synchronicity drawing from studies of Jung and Pauli, and with a background in Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Orders (1980). For Peat, synchronicity demonstrates the existence of ‘a bridge’ between mind and matter. Whereas science has tended to separate the study of mind and matter into separate sciences–of psychology and physics, synchronous events demonstrate instances where mind and material processes arise together or influence each other in mysterious ways inexplicable in terms of the “causality principle.”  In effect, meaningful coincidences and patterns of events demonstrate that there is a level of causality, which is ‘non-local’ as such events cannot simply be explained in terms of ‘local effects.’ 


Synchronicities are the jokers in Nature deck–events that demonstrate hidden orders of meaning and inter-relationships existing beyond the purely physical world of matter.  Peat explains:


Synchronicities give us a glimpse beyond our conventional notions of time and causality into the immense patterns of nature, the underlying dance which connects all things and the mirror which is suspended between inner and outer universes.  With synchronicity as our starting point, it becomes possible to begin the construction of a bridge that spans the worlds of mind and matter, physics and psyche. ... Synchronicity ... arises out of the underlying patterns of the universe rather than through a causality of pushes and pulls that we normally associate with events in nature.  (pp. 2 &16)


Consider one example of a synchronous event used by Peat to demonstrate the enigmas poised by such fortuitous events or meaningful coincidences:


One of the “classic” examples of synchronicity, told by Carl Jung himself, concerns a crisis that occurred during therapy.  Jung’s patient was a woman whose highly rational approach to life made any form of treatment particularly difficult.  On one occasion the woman related a dream in which a golden scarab appeared.  Jung knew that such a beetle was of great significance to the ancient Egyptians for it was taken as a symbol of rebirth.  As the woman was talking, the psychiatrist in his darkened office heard a tapping at the window behind him.  He drew the curtain, opened the window, and in flew a golden scarab ... Jung showed the woman “her” scarab and from that moment the patient’s excessive rationality was pierced and their sessions together became more profitable. (Pp. 6-7)


To skeptics, it is easy to simply declare that this is just a ‘chance’ or random happening that a scarab arrived at that moment as the woman was exploring her dream, and that such a chance event really requires no explanation.  Alternatively, the skeptic could question the integrity of the report or reporters, or somehow or other dismiss the possibility of such events as being meaningfully interrelated.  To consider seriously such ‘jokers’ in life experience points to profoundly complex interrelationships of events, people and psychological dynamics, and beetles, all in some deep patterns of ‘meaning’–or information and intelligence all non-locally present.  The skeptic will find no causal explanations in local four-dimensional reality and will dismiss the possibilities of non-local interrelationships to account for such happenings—such enigmatic bridges between mind and matter.


Peat, like Pauli and Jung, regards synchronous events as demonstrating how the physical world has to be linked in profound ways to the psychological world, in ways beyond local effects in our familiar four-dimensional space-time:


Such curious events may ... indicate that a mutual process is unfolding out of the same ground and that this ground must therefore lie beyond the individual consciousness that is located in space and time. ...  evidence of some deeper, universal principle of hidden order.  (p. 32) 


Peat uses varied phrases to depict this deeper reality of hidden orders.  He suggests “everything causes everything else,” and that “the various phenomena of the universe arise out of the flux of the whole, and are best described as a ‘law of the whole.’” (p. 52) Further, “within each element of matter and space-time is enfolded the entire universe.”  (p. 67) And again, “the operation of mind (has) resonances to the transformations of matter, and indeed, the two will be found to emerge from a deeper ground.” (p. 73)


Of course, for me, my photo happened to capture the clock at 11:37, which numbers have a profound meaning in my own mystical and occult studies and writings.  I will elaborate upon some of this significance and meaning.


The six pointed star has an ancient history and is not only the Star of David or Seal of Solomon for Jews or Christians, but also the double triangle is a sign for Vishnu, the Sri-Antara of the Brahmins and the yogic symbol for the heart chakra.  In magic, an upward turned triangle represents the element of fire and the downward turned triangle represents the element water.  The six pointed star thus represents the interaction of these two primordial elements.

The first verses of the Book of Genesis in fact can be used to derive the six pointed star and a variation of this—a six pointed star with a seventh central point. 

Genesis 1: 1.  In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:2   And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Genesis 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 

The Star of David is inherent to these verses.  A six pointed star represents the heaven and the earth as created by God, above and below, as well as representing the spiritual and material nature of a human being.  Verse 2 describes the universe before creation as absorbed into nothingness and without form, which is totally consistent with modern scientific views of “vacuum genesis” or creation out of the apparent nothingness and plenum of the quantum vacuum.  This is creation ex nihilo.   In verse two, the Spirit of God then moves across the face of the waters and this also can be depicted by the Star of David, with the elements of fire and water.  In verse 3, God says let there be light—and we might take this light as emerging as a first point of supernal lux established within the centre of the Star of David.    So both the more widely known version of the six sided Star of David and the variant with a seventh central point are both suggested as a symbol by the first verses of Genesis.  The ancient symbol is not inherently evil and the high jacking of the symbol by demon possessed families should not deter serious study of its significance—especially of its variant, with a central  point. 

The symbol of the double triangle with a central point is especially emphasized within The Secret Doctrine of occult scholar H. P. Blavatsky.  The symbol depicts the sacred geometry inherent to the Kosmos and the nature of the Dhyan Chohans (Divine Intelligences) who sculpt the void through the processes of creation. 

… the “Six-pointed Star” … is the symbol, in almost every religion, of the Logos as the first emanation.  …The six-pointed Star refers to the six Forces or Powers of Nature, the six planes, principles, etc., etc., all synthesized by the seventh, or the central point in the Star. … In its Unity, primordial light is the seventh, or highest principle … the light of the unmanifest Logos. … The former is symbolized by the Central Point in the double-Triangle; the latter by the hexagon itself, or the “six limbs” of the Microprosopus ….  (H. P. Blavatsky, Secret Doctrine, 1888, pp. 215-6)


This archaic symbol replicated here is from The Secret Doctrine.  The figure has three aspects—a central point, an upward turn triangle representing fire and spirit, and a downward turned triangle representing the element water (or material creation).  The central point represents the laya centre or the first point, the living entity and the Logos, while the triangles represent the inherent spiritual and material nature and forces manifested within the matrices of existence.  Understanding this symbol is of profound significance, especially with the central point which is often excluded—as in the Rothschild red shield or on the flag of Israel, which are empty inside.  The primary symbol of Theosophy is the Seal of Solomon with the Egyptian ankh in the centre to represent the ‘living entity.’

The Star of David with a central point is also the symbol for the Heart Chakra, the central chakra within a human being and the origin of the I experience, and of consciousness and life within the material body.  There are three chakras above and three below the heart chakra.  Most people, humankind asleep, are ruled by the three lower chakras—associated with the motivations of money, sex and power, These motives are lower material desires yet they come to dominate the ego and mind of the masses, especially those of the psychopathic elite.   In spiritual evolution, the first level of awakening or self realization involves the awakening of the fourth chakra.  The light of the Self inherent to the Heart can then illuminate the higher chakras, the throat, brow (or third eye) and crown chakra, yielding different types of mystical experiences, powers and states of samadhi.   Unfortunately, most people are ruled by their three lower chakras and do not realize the latent faculties and powers within themselves. 


Blavatsky stresses the importance of the ‘heart doctrine:’


Learn above all to separate Head-learning from Soul-Wisdom, the “Eye” from the “Heart" doctrine.  But even ignorance is better than Head-learning with no Soul-wisdom to illuminate and guide it. ...  The “Doctrine of the Eye” is for the crowd, the “Doctrine of the Heart,” for the elect. …  “Great Sifter” is the name of the “Heart Doctrine….”   Blavatsky, The Voice of the Silence, 1889

The famous Illuminati symbol is of the ‘eye’ in the triangle.  However, Blavatsky suggests that the ‘heart doctrine’ is a deeper teaching than that of the ‘eye doctrine.’ 


The Star of David embodies these sacred principles of design and can be represented by the number 1/137.  The 1 in the numerator of this fraction indicates the Deity or the Absolute, or the fundamental Unity; while the 1 below indicates the emergent point or logos, which then is divided by three and yields seven.  This number 1/137, more than any other number, embodies the Secret Doctrine’s arcane wisdom teaching concerning creation physics and metaphysics. 

Modern science is basically founded upon a dualistic perspective in which it always contrasts opposing principles—such as matter and energy, waves and particles, observers and the observed, the mind and the body, conscious and unconscious, science and religion.  In contrast, mystical and spiritual science suggests that the Divine Principles of a Triune and Sevenfold nature are embodied within all phenomena of nature.  Thus, the One is divided by three and yields seven—just as white light divided by a prism creates a spectrum of colours.  Time, space, matter and energy—all of the four elements of modern science—can be regarded separately in such a 1-3-7 analysis, akin to the mathematical nature of light!


Whereas modern science has considered mainly matter and energy, within time and space, an occult perspective suggests a trinity of intelligence, energy and matter, or spirit, soul and body; upon seven planes or dimensions of being existence.  An occult perspective offers a far more multidimensional model of human and cosmic existence, than does modern science.  Scientists still think that there is only ‘the material world’ and deny the existence of the ‘immaterial world,’ in their typical dualistic philosophy of life. 


These principles of the Law of Three and the Law of Seven are found within Christianity, Judaism and Kabbalah, Islam and Sufism, Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism, in the Fourth Way teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff, and elsewhere. Blavatsky provides this succinct summary of these esoteric principles in Kabbalah. 

The entire system of the Kabalistic numerals is based on the divine septenary hanging from the Triad (thus forming the Decade)… which, finally, all merge into the ONE itself: an endless and boundless Circle.  (S.D. I, p. 239)


The Tree of Life is said to exist within the Garden of Eden, an indicator of its secret knowledge!  The other Tree inside the Gates of Eden is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, suggesting a dualistic paradigm.  Even the serpent, symbolizing the line of thinking that leads one astray, is double-tongued, saying one thing and doing another, like the madmen who deceived the masses of humanity.  In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life is said to be hidden within the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil—and similarly, the study of dualistic science might eventually lead to an understanding of the higher laws and Divine Principles.


The number 11 also has particular meaning in Kabbalah as a magical number as it represents an individual who has mastered the 10 Sephirot of the Tree of Life and is established in the 11th I AM principle. 

The numbers 11:37 have long had deep meanings for me in terms of such occult studies.  These same numbers also have profound meaning in modern science and are related to the ‘alpha constant.’   Peat mentions another remarkable coincidence concerning these numbers and the life and death of physicist W. Pauli:


One of the most curious of these stories about Pauli concerns the number 137.  One of the great unsolved mysteries of modern physics is the value of the fine structure constant, for while the other fundamental constants of nature are all immensely small or enormously large, this fine structure constant 1/137 turns out to be a human-sized number.  This number 137 and its place in the scale of the universe particularly puzzled Pauli and continues to challenge physicists today.  It was a mystery that Pauli was to take to his death, for on being admitted into the hospital, the physicist was told that he was being put into room 137.  According to one version of this story, on learning of his room number, Pauli said, “I will never get out of here.”  The physicist died shortly after.” (p. 22)


Surely this is an unusual number–1/137.  It is the first of the constants of nature, the ‘fine structure constant’ and it is represented by the first letter of the Greek alphabet α, ‘alpha.’  It is the only “human sized number” of the constants of Nature and it is also a prime number.  We will consider the meaning and interpretation of alpha and review some of the comments offered by modern physicists as to its enigmatic nature.


At a website dedicated to this number,, C. Mann (2001) provides some basic definitions:


Now, alpha is nothing more, nothing less than the square of the charge of the electron divided by the speed of light times Planck’s constant.  Thus this one number contains in itself the guts of electromagnetism (the electron charge), relativity (the speed of light), and quantum mechanics (Planck’s constant).  All in one number!  Not only that, this number isn’t like the gravitational constant or the universal gas constant, full of meters and kilograms and degrees Celsius.  Alpha is a pure dimensionless number—little wonder that people have been fascinated. 


It is not easy to understand the meaning and interpretations of alpha, as it pops up in different contexts and different authors explain it differently.  Mac Gregor (2007) in The Power of Alpha, notes in this regard:


The mystery about α is actually a double mystery.  The first mystery—the origin of its numerical value α≈1/137 has been recognized and discussed for decades.  The second mystery—the range of its domain—is generally unrecognized.  (p. 69) 


Different sources define the fine structure constant in different terms.  It is described as the ‘coupling constant’ or a “measure of the strength of the electromagnetic force governs how electrically charged elementary particles (e.g., electron, muon) and light (photons) interact.”  In physics, the number 1/137 is the strength of the electromagnetic force relative to that of the strong force.   The strong force binds particles within the nucleus of the atoms, and the three quarks in each of the protons and neutrons.  This law applies on a micro-level with a range of .00000000000001 or 10-13 centimeters, in a different order of scale from that in which we live our lives (seemingly).  In contrast, the electromagnetic force determines all the phenomena of our everyday world–our perceptions, thoughts, and the heartbeat, the structures of the body and of the world around us. The number 1/137 thus represents in a way this bridge between worlds, on different orders of scale–as we pass form a higher to a lower dimension. 


Another author describes alpha as “the probability that an electron will emit or absorb a photon.”  L. Susskind (2006) explains:


Roughly speaking the probability that any particular electron will radiate a quantum of light is given by the fine structure constant α.  In other words, only one lucky electron out of 137 emits a photon. That is the meaning of α: it is the probability that an electron, as it moves along its trajectory, will capriciously emit a photon.  (p. 49)


M. Born and A. Miller (2009), in Deciphering the Cosmic Number: The Strange Friendship of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung, provide another perspective, noting:


If alpha were bigger than it really is, we should not be able to distinguish matter form ether (the vacuum, nothingness), and our task to disentangle the natural laws would be hopeless difficult.  The fact however that alpha has just its value 1/137 is certainly no chance but itself a law of nature.  It is clear that the explanation of this number must be the central problem of natural philosophy.  (p. 253)


Alpha shows up within different contexts and has long puzzled scientists.  Mann notes: “The great physicist Heisenberg told his friends that the problems of quantum theory would disappear only when 137 was explained, and spent years trying to explain it.”  Similarly, one of the greatest physicists of the last century, R. Feynman is reported to have said that “physicists ought to put a special sign in their offices to remind themselves of how much they don’t know.  The message on the sign would be very simple.  It would consist entirely of one word, or, rather, number 137.”  ( Feynman himself penned these prophetic notes on the mysterious alpha constant.


There is a most profound and beautiful question associated with the observed coupling constant, α the amplitude for a real electron to emit or absorb a real photon.  … Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling comes from …  Nobody knows.  It’s one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the “hand of God” wrote that number, and “we don’t know how He pushed his pencil.” .…  we don’t know what kind of dance to do on the computer to make this number come out, without putting it in secretly!  (p. 129)


From a mystical perspective, this expression 1/137 can be used to depict the basic metaphysical teaching of The Secret Doctrine and it is intrinsic to the Kabbalah.  From an occult perspective, 1/137 is clearly a magical number, secretly encoded into the Kosmos. It is then doubly peculiar that this enigmatic number is found by scientists at the heart of being.  Just as white light is divided by a three sided prism to yield a spectrum of seven colors, so also we can conceive of the Light of Brahman, the supernal lux of the Kabbalah and the Divine Light of Blavatsky, as entailing similar patterns of intelligent design–as above, so below. 


Mann relates another paradoxical story:


The best explanation of the mystery ever given to Victor Weisskopf, another leading theorist from that time, was provided by Gershom Scholem, one of the most eminent scholars of Jewish mysticism.  When Scholem met Weisskopf, he asked about the prominent unsolved problems in physics. Weisskopf said, “Well, there’s this number, 137 ….” And Scholem’s eyes lit up!  He said, “Did you know that one hundred thirty-seven is the number associated with Cabala?” 


1/137 is a very mysterious number indeed, basic to The Secret Doctrine, Kabbalah and modern physics.  Perhaps, the mysteries of alpha were written in from the beginning, “put in secretly” as a principle of intelligent design and a key to understanding the dynamics of light and creation.  


Of course, to the materialist science philosopher, these enigmas of 1/137, the alpha constant, and the principles of mystical creation, are only additional fortuitous coincidences in a universe devoid of spirit and soul, or cosmic design.   As Blavatsky explains, the unholy trinity of modern science is that inert matter, senseless force and blind chance!  And so the physicists can post the number 1/137 on their doors to remind themselves of how little they know, while failing to understand the truth under their noses all the while.  If synchronicities show a link between mind and matter, then perhaps the formula of 1/137 is a clue to the nature of divine mind and the principles of mystical creation.   My goodness, what an unusual synchronicity that the paradoxical alpha constant of science, which enables us “to distinguish matter form ether (the vacuum, nothingness),” takes on the numeric values of The Secret Doctrine and Kabbalah, and the principles of intelligent design and then it then finds its way onto the Peace Tower at just the right time on that fateful day. 


I must be an electron that absorbed and emitted too many photons!  Anyway, this background portrays something of what these magical numbers 11:37 mean to me, and why it had such significance and thus ended up on the cover of this book.  The Star of David on the Peace Tower similarly does not imply that all is hopeless as the Zionists and Masons have been in control all along.  Instead, we must take this sacred symbol as a sign to those of us upright of heart,  that it is incumbent upon us to rise to the occasion and to take back our country while reestablishing the rule of law and impartial justice.


Aren’t you tired of being ruled by war mongers, international criminal cabals and banksters, perverts, pedophiles and parasites?  Imagine what the restoration of justice and international law would really mean within Canada as around the world.  The human race became a rat race, controlled and deceived by a pseudo-master race.  What a horrifying and tragic, yet spectacular Tale! 

A final coincidence occurred just the other day, when I was explaining to a friend something of the significance of the title.  My friend noticed an art piece by Salvador Dali which I have on my wall, representing the distortions of time and reality.   I had never realized that it also suggests such a magical time of 11:37. 

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