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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Host George Noory interviewed Dr. Holmes
on the mysteries of consciousness, the heart and creation.

Coast to Coast AM with host George Noory, 
Tuesday, July 19, 2005 featured Dr.  Holmes for a three hour live interview.

These are some of the most interesting and inspiring responses to my interview on Coast to Coast AM.  Thank you listeners for your efforts and sharing.  I have included some of my responses to the following letters, but mainly will share the valuable commentaries and experiences, and links, of others.


Letters & Responses
from Program Listeners
Of all the things you spoke about, all the theories about the heart, zero
point, and consciousness, I thought that what you told one of the callers about coming to the present, patting yourself over your heart and identifying with your breath was by far the most important for the audience to hear.  Somehow mankind must be made aware of the importance of being present.  Keep up the good work......
Dear Christopher,


I listened to your interview with George Noory (C2C), and I was so delighted to hear you speak of higher consciousness with such wisdom, love and understanding.  I have studied with a hindu saint for well over a decade, and the fruits of this spiritual path have blessed me in ways that i can not even begin to express adequately.  This Master came into my life after many years of searching, and copious tears of yearning.  I first read everything in my path, like a ravenous lion, and my mind devoured and  abosrbed it all like a sponge.  I read Helena Blavatsky's books over and over again as well as so many other precious gems by Sufi masters, Hindu saints, and many works by other enlightened beings.  It was such an amazing time of discovery for me.  Your beautiful words, your deep understanding  and your obvious devotion to Love and to Truth remind me so much of my own journey.

After a while, my heart grew frustrated, and I began to become aware of feeling so very parched and for the first time i really understood that the pain and grief i had been carrying around within me all along was the pain of having been asleep and dreaming that i was separate from my Beloved; my own Divine Self.  Yet how does one go from having this mental understanding and knowledge to really experiencing the truth?  It is rather like having a picture of a glass of water, and the knowledge of what water is composed of, yet not being able to taste experience swimming within it's depths.  I felt a desperate prayer emerge from within me from some deep and secret place in my heart.  "Open my heart, illuminate my mind, flow through my being, and let me know you!'  It became my constant prayer; my constant demand.  And then She came.  A tiny, humble woman in a white sari, luminous, blazing eyes and an energy of Love that emanated outward in every direction from Her Heart.  In India, they call Her the Divine Mother, yet She is beyond all concepts; beyond all forms.  The Zero Point, incarnate.  She strips me bare and clothes me with the Truth.  She silences my mind with a single sound, and opens my Heart with a glance.  Her very presence purifies the mind of all false ideas and removes the veil of Maya.  She is the power and splendor of existence and at the same time, She is the cosmic void, from which creation springs.  She gives me the gift of true understanding (which can only come from experience) by allowing me to float within Her vastness, like a star floating within the velvety midnight sky.   She blesses Her children with the gifts of direct experience of the Divine...something no words or concepts could possibly convey.  When one has such experiences, there is nothing left but to surrender and become that Divine LOVE.  Then the battle really begins.  The battle which is spoken of in the great Bavagad Gita. The inner battle to shed all delusion/attachment and travel the cosmic spiral to the heights of bliss and peace.  This is our journey home. She is the Cosmic Sun from which we emerged, and into whom we surrender.  Her spark resides with the Heart.

I loved your references to the Gita, and truly enjoyed every beautiful glistening facet of the Diamond you presented for the benefit of your audience.  Such precious pearls tend to be lost in the wake of UFOs, aliens, conspiracy theories, and phenomena of all types, and yet there is such a hunger for more.  It is a universal hunger, and perhaps you have come here at this time to assist with this great birthing process.  Your experience with the "prisoners' in the "Jails" is such a wonderful metaphor, as we are all prisoners within the veil of Maya and ego, and only Divine Love and Union will set us free, and heal this tormented, lost world. Your work is only just beginning, my friend, and although it is a lonely path at times, please know that you never tread it are surrounded with Divine Beings who inspire you and help you to bare the weight of this journey. 

Well, Dear Brother, I am so sorry to bore you with my tale, but for some reason I really felt the need to share this with you.  I really do appreciate and honor your work, and your beautiful heart.  We are all connected...those of us who chose to come back at this time in order to assist humanity with this Great Leap we are about to take.   I believe the Divine Mother is very happy with you and your work!  Her Love and Light is with you always.

With Blessings and Love,


MPD or DID (Multiple personalities, Dissociate Identity) are labels they give to those of us that survive trauma through dividing ourselves into units of energy or personalities to dispose of feelings surrounding an incident or defend against intrusions into the mind by those who are of a lesser God.

It is our belief that negative (for us the lesser) and positive energies (Creator) both have their God, Gods or Godhead. This is what creates the physical balance to create the illusion of body form life. Whichever force your body life subscribes to becomes growth for that spiritual body in your releasing of this illusion. 

We teach from a "Native American" view, which we put in quotes because there is really no such thing. It is the original law written time and time again. In all our struggles, realizing that the spirit soul is separate from the physical body, has allowed us to overcome traumas young souls give up on.

Should you wish to visit our writings you will find us at: 

Thank you for your truth,

....synchronistically, I was looking for something to
bring the energy back up from lots of research into
the 911 phenom, turned on KFI and you were on really
anchoring the Now, being in the Heart and I wanted to
say thanks .....I look forward to exploring your
materials more and from that radio show truly got that
you are not only mapping out the future for so many
others.....its a truly important path you are
on......and I wanted to let you know how appreciated
you are by so many out there, including myself.....

.....wanted to get a sense of how you might maintain
the energy....and stay in the an example,
the 911 conspiracy information that is surfacing or
say, the Kennedy would you manage to
sort through that material and yet keep the energy
up.....staying in the Heart.....and what about
collective denial/leadership misinformation.....

....can you say something along the lines of how to
effectively cope with these sorts of things and still
remain centered?......would like to hear what you
might have to say on this subject.....

....I hope this finds you well....once again, thank
you for your work with Zero Point......wonderful
material and you are a blessing to so many!

take care

Christopher's reponse -- 
" ... a stranger in a strange land"
Thanks for your letter of support and encouragement.  I was completely naive about 9-11, the media, everything political till only about six months ago.  The realizations of truth were quite shocking to me and set off firstly a period of vast mind expansion and elevation, where I felt  moved by the wrath of God and had all kinds of revelations and perceptions through the subtle dimensions.  During this time, I wrote some shocking materials on these things, in my Zero Point Teachings book.  I then experienced a period of paranoia and fearfulness, before then the last several months, just coming down again and settling into life again with this expansive awareness of such deviancy and cruelty in the world.  At one point, I posted some of my 9/11 writings to my site, but withdrew them after a week as they were causing my partner particularly such anxiety.  We have had so many unusual things happen to us, i cannot really even begin to explain.  We are still recovering and trying to find our way again in a world turned so ugly and based on such lies--at least at some levels, although of course ultimately illusory.   I strongly feel we are at a critical junction in human history and are likely to face further calamities until the deeper problems underlying our society are addressed.  It was like waking up in an Orwellian world, and everybody is so asleep to the nightmares upon us, all hypnotized by a black magician, as described by Gurdjieff. 

I have never been a politically oriented individual, but I find I can't turn away from these overwhelming problems of the human race.  I have to try to focus on what I have to offer productively to the mix--a stress on awakening, opening the heart, and striving to be of service, however i might. I still struggling, trying to heal and be strong, remembering the inevitability of death, working with the breath, things like that- that I teach about.  I particularly work with the breath and self-remembering, and some smugging ceremonies (burning cedar and sacred herbs and honouring the seven directions), and praying more often to experience the greater inner life. 

On my BBSRadio show, I go more into the political scene and such, although not to let it become the focus.  I particularly see how a form of 'new think' is part and parcel of the Beast, and my role in part is to challenge these dogmas and false teachings, and do what I can to help restore light, truth and love, to the life of humankind.  I bear the sufferings of humankind in ways hard to explain, as do others, and at times i feel quite a stranger in a strange land. 


Dear Christopher  ~ The Pulse ~

Thank You for the opportunity to share 
Here are a couple sites  FYI...

The Mayan Calendar - Mayan Majix - Ian Xel Lungold - Mayan Astrology  This gentleman GETS IT ~   I just saw this 2 days ago ~ It's a keeper.. someone sent me a copy that was made from a copy with a scratch on it but I've stuck it out regardless ~ Priceless ~ No Doubt God Is Manifesting.... I heard that this man recently passed away.

The Meher Baba web sites for general reading are nice and to wander thru the book store is nice.  A new book ~ I've not read ~ called Infinite Intelligence ~ has recently been produced but it is the book GOD SPEAKS that gives a minutely detailed description of The Purpose of Creation was done by Meher Baba himself.

Meher Baba ~ In Silence for 44 year ~ in 54 gave up the alphabet board and proceeded to write this book with hand symbols ~ Talk about a labor of LOVE..... 

By the way ~ Yes ~ He did break his Silence (in this dimension) upon on the bed of his passing out the the human coil he said, " Remember, I am not this body."    and he repeated this....

The Manifestation of THAT is coming into the Creation from the higher realms.

Nice meeting you and Thanks Again... 
Meher Baba, 


I caught your act on Coast to Coast last night. It was more than inspirational to hear your perspective as if coincides exactly with my understanding of the way things are. I've developed an extensive library over the past few years and working with correctional institutions you could probably infer from my reference to those institutions how I obtained it. Thats neither here nor there I'm just trying to illustrate that I'm very informed. I also worked very sporadically for a couple of years and sequestered myself in the shed in my backyard turning it into a library/conciousnes expansion tank. ...ok....enough background. 

Somewhere around 1am as I was listening to your show I experienced something I've only felt three or four times previously. It's almost like being hit by lightning but it's a vibration/tinglen thats very pleasureable and lasts about 20 seconds. ALmost like a full body orgasm. Shortly after during open lines that gentleman called in and mentioned that he vibed with your words so much that he started to vibrate. There were a couple of other callers that mentioned that they vibed with your words and their sincereity dripped out of the radio. If I could have gotten thru my sincereity would have dripped out of the radio as well. 

When I experienced the "lightning strike" for the first time I instantly knew what it was. It's the physical manifestation of the feeling of evolution.    and it feels good.           I have a few significant synchronicities about my life that make my path a little more clearer than maybe the path of some others are. My understanding of the Kabbalah mainly comes from the use of the Tarot on a daily basis and I was hoping you would hav mentioned that the Tarot is the physical manifestation of the Kabbalah so that maybe someof the masses would have a point of reference. Maybe I should have tried harder to get thru. Also....when you were asked a question about the second sun or the inner Sun I wonder if your understanding is that of Mine which is the other Sun is a level of Samadhi reached where a Sun breaks out of the horizon of your mind. I've experienced this once and have it recorded in my Journal. I also remember exactly where I learned of this before I experienced it which is in the begginning of Aliester Crowley's Book 4    not the Big one Magick but the thin Book 4. 

My main focus of Study is Alchemy. 


Thank you for this.

Yes, I don't think I was attune to a massive conspiracy issues rampant prior to 9/11. While the planes did hit the buildings, it's is my understanding that this is not what brought them down.

There are some very negative forces at work. And, I believe quite a few Greys inhabiting bodies. I remember staying home from work on the day of 9/11 knowing that I needed to. Afterwards I keep having flashes of bombs going off. I tried to push them away, and finally just excepted and asked where this was, and the answer was Afghanistan. I too ponder what the purpose is to information and what to do with it. I forsee much death and destruction in the future. The word I was thinking of when I was speaking of smoking was frequency barriers. There are many frequency barriers put in place to stop people from awakening, and smoking is one of them. I also believe immunization is another one. I have an 11 and 7 year old. My 11 year did have a few, but my 7 year old has had none.

I can relate to the swelling of expanded consciousness....and then how to remain and be in the third dimension? This has been a lifelong challenge for me. When I was 10 I wrote this poem:

Be there one, or be there more I'd never know they ever exist.
I'm all alone, all by myself.
Just one lone feather.
With only the force to keep me from heaven,
and the crust to keep me from hell.
To me so strange beside me fall
the ones I loved or dared try.
What little things they think so big
what do they really know, about the Heart
about the Soul?
The one who gave life for life,
where did he go?
Forgotten too so kicked aside.
I stay away I'm within myself
All alone refusing to be caught in the wrong way of life.
But who's to say what's good or bad.
I see no good,
I hear no blessings upon us.
Take a good look, no one really does
but the crust of hell is everywhere,
it's not his fault it's yours and mine.
I doubt that I will see in this life,
but someday the force will be stronger than the crust.
We hope, I hope.
So strong the heart can be, so powerful the mind,
so weak the actions to do.
With all this strength we are still all alone.
Now all I can do is pray,
pray for strength of the force.

The challenge for me has always been how to be in the world but not of it, what is my role...and how does one remain awake...continue to clear and awaken?

I spent my childhood awake to the idea of end times and notions that everyone was asleep, and a sense of anger, confusion, and righteousness of wanting people to hear! I couple that with beyond the norm, extensive abuse issues. I am aware that I set an intention before birth that this would be the lifetime to bring together and to clear. And, I am grateful for the abuse as it was necessary to force me to push me back home, out of body and reawaken to spirit. I spent my teens and twenties, once futility and apathy settled in, seeking escape. Drugs and alcohol, and suicidal ideation and self harm. Yet still working on my path in different ways. I wanted desperately to be in spirit. I put all my energy and time into this pursuit. As a result the physical body suffers. A pivotal moment came to me when I realized that choosing not to die, is not the same as choosing to live. And I made a conscious choice to live. I had come to understand to seeking from outside the body has a limit...there is a ceiling on this. However, travelling with and through the body...staying connected is limitlessness. Hence my ultimate goal has been to clear enough of my physical, emotional, and causal bodies to allow enough space for my spirit body to reside.  My ultimate goal is for all my bodies to merge and become one, while still contained within the physical the body. At this point I believe, while still being in 3-D world, we simultaneously transcend it. We then can be awake to and simply shift states of being between dimensions and space. Death become irrelevant, with the acceptance and understanding that when the physical body dies we simply let go of it, as well as loving our astral bodies into the light and dissolving them. We remain awake because we already are awake. This is my goal. And yet what do I do to get there?

I go through periods of expanse, and then I retract. The ultimate goal is good...but what of the process...what of the here and now? What role should I be can I be of service...what am I to do with the information I have with the things I what what end? In the past I wrote a lot. I stopped somewhere along the way as again I questioned to what end or purpose?

When I do try to share others don't want to hear, or what they hear is so distorted by their filters it doesn't resonate. And, I already have attention and pressure on me from dark forces, do I really want governments special ops hearing me or tracking me and paying attention?

I absolutely love your words "I woke up before the end of the story". And I know what it's like to be in this space. I struggle with the idea of forward motion.  How much do I act to try to effect change, how much do I wait for right action to come to me?  It is my understanding that human beings have had a really long time to effect change. The only way now is through grand changes. I actually embrace this idea and welcome it. I believe some of my role will be better defined when the need is greater. I realize that we can't give anything to someone unless they are on some level asking for and accepting of the offer. I have to keep reminding myself that it is not for me to define what the path is for another...only to honour it and bear witness to the journey. 

So what then in the meantime? Well, I have been in isolation. I have been sending out the intention for several years to make connections. Beyond the continual healing and clearing and awakening of our own bodies, I have come to understand that those who are light bringers and light bearers, of right intention  need to be coming together for the purpose of  1. ongoing discussion exploration sharing and understanding of what is occurring on many levels and dimensions, and 2. Actively working with spirit to prepare and to help address, redress, counter attack some of the negative spaces occurring on many levels. That collectively this is the work to do done. 

I have begun to feel that bringing of the light to many, at this point, is not welcomed nor accepted. Those who remain, and it is my understanding that up 60% of the population will go to spirit...those who remain will be willing to receive. In the meantime the battle is not with those who are lost, it is with those who seek to create chaos, destruction, and darkness. I agree with you that it is a master epic unfolding, and it would be arrogant of me to imply that the just cause is in attacking here...It is in being awake to, being willing to be awake to...and in understanding all the forces at play...and yes creating positive mass to match  that of the negative.

I believe in the synchronicity of events. My happening upon your radio chat lead me to email you...and surely  there is a reason.

Thanks for sharing.
I look forward to more conversations. I assure you that I am a safe place to reside.

Cheers, C

Dear C

I have never myself been politically motivated, but always focused on working on myself, and with those in my life and professional work.  It was a total shock for me to learn the truth of 9-11, and then to realize the massive coverup and conspiracies rampant within western society.  I felt the wrath of God well-up within me, and experienced states of highly expanded and illumined consciousness, and penetrating mental powers.  It has taken months to come down and continue on about my life in some semi-normal way.  I am still struggling to find my way, and figure out what to be doing--like a stranger in a strange land.  I experienced such elevated states, that I lost some fear of death,  but cannot shake the feeling of being-obligation that I need somehow to help humankind with facing the lies and truths of what has happened in modern society, and ourselves-while being brave within myself.  Gurdjieff describes awakening to the 'horror of the situation,' and I have done that.

As I believe in and know of multidimensional existence, I reason then that a grand epic tale is happening now on earth, and I am a part of that, whether I like it or not.  How deceived people have been, even by what relates back to satanic and dark forces!  It is said that Satan has a hierarchy of servants, and he certainly does in the world.  I consider Krishna, and then Arjuna as a spiritual warrior, or of onward Christian soldiers, and try then to be brave and to face the Beast in the world hoping for some restoration of righteousness and ethical values in society.  At times, I feel my heart expanded to include the peoples of the world, and do not like knowing that such cruelties are being perpetuated around the world, and that there are many more cruelties to come unless human beings wake up and take responsibility for themselves and humankind. 

I woke up before the end of the story, when so many others are completely illuded, deluded and such, and simply cannot comprehend the deviousness of things happening and being perpetrated on this planet.  I myself am afraid of posting some of my writings to my website, of talking on the internet radio, to people and such about these things, but i do it in ways.  I would rather die having at least made some efforts to speak of the truth--rather than to live a slave, a sheep or goat, or as a slug. 


"The transcendent insight of the Diamond Body Being is called, 'the vision which simultaneously sees and sees through out all subjective and objective structures without remaining to grasp or even encounter them.' This gnostic vision is limitless, unwavering, sublime. It is not attained by any aspirant whose practice is even partially sustained by motives of self-service or self-liberation." (Mother of the Buddhas, Lex Hixon)
Hello, I listened to your talk on coast. I hope you trust this enough to open the attachment on some of Ramakrisnas teachings. 

Zen,"20 yrs of Pilgramage footing east and west back and shaken. I have not moved an inch."

Lao Tzu, "The further you go the less you know and the less you go the more you know."

"The Key turns in the opposite direction" RamaKrishna

From Coming Home, by Lex Hixon:

"My particular practice involved visualizing ultimate reality in the radiant form of an enlightened sage seated in meditation. I was instructed to begin the visualization by imagining a flame in my heart, and was told that my Ishtadeva, a divinely illumined human being, should be imagined sitting within this flame. Thus contemplation begins through an effort of imagination. 

"After some months of this practice, a transformation occurred in which the effort at imagination was superseded, at least temporarily, by the revelatory power of the Ishtadeva itself. While attempting to visualize a flame against blackness, suddenly a golden light actually appeared, quite independent of my efforts at concentration. The light was not a flame, but a flamed-shaped door to a flame-colored realm. 

"The blackness was simply a wall between dimensions. Spontaneously I approached this door and perceived within the golden realm my Ishtadeva, whose body was the same color as the surrounding light. Moving across the threshold, my own body also appeared as golden radiance. Turning, I noticed a small black flame, the door through which I had entered. I sat before the Ishtadeva, or guiding divinity, feeling intense reverence that gradually became warm intimacy. Then I noticed in the heart of the Ishtadeva a white flame, and sensed immediately that this was another door moving across this second threshold, into a realm of brilliant white. 

"I discovered the Ishtadeva seated there as well. The body of the enlightened being and my own were as bright as snow in sunlight. There was no more personal relationship, but a sense of union. Our two images seemed almost to blend with the white radiance, which was vast rather than intimate. I intuitively looked to the heart of the Ishtadeva and perceived there a colorless or transparent flame door. 

"Moving across this threshold into a transparent realm, no form appeared. There was nothing but pure transparency and the universal awareness that witnessed this transparency. When the contemplative mood gradually came to an end, I was left with an inner assurance that higher or more comprehensive spiritual dimensions exist and can be experienced. Although this dramatic vision did not recur, my contemplative practice was subtly transformed from active imagination to the quiet receptivity that awaits revelation. 

"Five years later, on a Tuesday evening, I sat alone with my teacher, Swami Nikhilananda, in his study. The fourth dimension of contemplation, or Turiya, opened unexpectedly. I had not consciously recalled the original experience for years. Spontaneously there returned to me in all vividness the golden realm, then the white realm, and then the transparent realm. The understanding dawned that this transparent realm must also contain a door. No visual metaphor could represent a door in pure transparency, but I knew it was there. 

"Moving across this final threshold, the transcendental witness disappeared as my personal identity had previously disappeared upon entering the transparent realm. Suddenly the three realms -- golden, white, and transparent -- appeared simultaneously, without obstruction, emerging from one another and disappearing into one another. 

"All realms were the same realmlessness. Even the daily world appeared without any incongruity, sharing this fourth dimension of contemplation: There sat  Swami Nikhilananda in his armchair, smoking an Indian cigarette and quietly reading the New York Times. There is only Turiya." (also by Lex Hixon: The Great Swan: Meetings with Ramakrishna) 

"The transcendent insight of the Diamond Body Being is called, 'the vision which simultaneously sees and sees through out all subjective and objective structures without remaining to grasp or even encounter them.' This gnostic vision is limitless, unwavering, sublime. It is not attained by any aspirant whose practice is even partially sustained by motives of self-service or self-liberation." (Mother of the Buddhas, Lex Hixon) 


I happened upon part of a radio broadcast tonight on coast to coast. I found a resonance in your words and in your web site.

If you haven't already read it I would like to suggest to you the book "Love without End, Jesus speaks" by Glenda Green...

The book chronicles a time where Jesus appeared over many months to Glenda while she painted him, and the conversations she had with me. It is all about the heart space, the misperceptions and misunderstandings of humans and the science of all. 

I have not read the book cover to cover as I made a decision 20 years ago that it was not for me to read books on metaphysics, but rather I needed the awaken via first hand experience. However, I do use books like these as tools and flip them open to receive what I need in the moment.

It's been heavy and dark for so long I begin to find myself at times on autopilot just waiting for change to come, and yet I recognize this does not help me to progress. The Earth will move, and poor Mother Earth is so ill. I understand there are many in spirit awaiting the many who will leave the body and much chaos still to come. I feel outside, when I see events that others hail as catastrophes and I have a feeling of embrace that change is coming. I get visions of future landscapes and ponder to what purpose. I have travelled back to help heal my timeline and finally came to understand that my separation from the light occurred during Atlantis. I believe that when we awaken and heal, expand and transform, resolve, release, and find our way to, our realization of, our embrace of, and our living from, within the Sacred Heart space,  we can be awake to all. I feel the challenge is how to clear and resolve all our four bodies so that they may become one.  We can walk in all worlds, or between worlds, and remain awake. We can transcend the physical when we realize it is an illusion we have bound ourselves to. This is where I aspire to be. I have found discrimination and discernment to be tricky lessons. I have seen the metagalatic central Sun one night shine through into our dimension. 

Christopher Holmes <> wrote:
Thank you for sharing your experiences.  Yes, i see the heart space and zero point centre as connected to that of the Sun, and the invisible Sun behind that--all with singularity dynamics.  I will check out that book and link, as I am always wanting to refine my understanding and be open to new materials.  Yes, I feel also major cataclisims and world events coming up, but must work to self remembering and refining those higher being bodies for the life of the soul.   

A Further Letter

Specifically I am interested in working with someone who can help me to sort through the dream time and the fourth dimension. This is where I get stuck, and where a lot happens. I have been working for over 20 years on clearing all my bodies and making more space to allow my spirit body to reside closer and for all of me to awaken and remember that which I know. I still have a ways to go. I can travel and communicate well beyond the fourth dimension, which would be above this lifetime. But the ties to the astral body where cumulative junk of this and past lives remains, and always seems to have new layers to clear. Additionally, it is in this realm where I am most susceptible to interference from non-corporeal beings, and there are so many of them around these days, as well as those who are in the body, such as the Anti-Christ (for lack of a better word), who I believe is now living in the USA. There is a lot of pressure from different sources in our attempt to wake up. I finally gave up smoking  2 years ago. I believe cigarettes are one form of transmission used to keep people from awakening....but that's hard to explain in an email. My greatest fear in this lifetime is to die and forgot and have to start all over. I would like to awaken enough to be conscious during the transition from the physical body.


Wonderful writing....and glad you can share with
others....I trust your intuition on whether you need
to make any of it anonymous....just one brief bit
before I head off to Shivarathri.....singing all night
REALLY opens the heart...and that's what millions will
do all evening tonight in the least effects of the
Moon....a few thousand year old celebration... my sister's house in NY ...I awoke with one of
those prophetic dreams....near New Year, which Jung
says happens often to those with a concern/awareness
of the Collective.....

the gist of the dream was that, we were on the brink
of cataclysmic war and only our sheer optimism is what
kept it from other words, my
unconscious was giving the message that our optimism
and how we feel about the future plays a key role in
the future we will experience.....since then I have
felt more optimistic, even in the challenges that
present themselves now seem to hint at....and look for
others with that same sense of optimism.....that can
keep the Consciousness ship afloat.....I believe you
are one of them, Chris....captaining these waters
bravely....thanks for that,
keep the optimism, light others up, and let's sail on
to Newer, Better seas!
your friend

Yes, we certainly do face overwhelming odds and
> challanges--as pertains to the world situation.  It
> is hard to witness such unnecessary destructiveness
> and cruelty, and to be so incapable of dealing with
> it.  It shocks me how public officials can maintain
> such a grand lie, and carry on.  It is like
> collective amnesia and psychosis.  I do think that
> its worthwhile to try to spread the
> truth--particularly of the heart, but also of our
> world.  At this time, i almost consider that it will
> be the wrath of God that will shift things, as we
> have always been so blind to the wickedness of our
> society.  External events then may provide the
> 'shocks' to our awakening, as such a false
> consciousness system has become so encrusted within
> most people's psyche. Learning the truth of 9/11 is
> often a huge shock for people, although most can't
> stay with it, to realize the full implications of
> what has happened to us. 

>   I regard the educational system and these
> underlying 'elite' of society as deliberately
> attempting to undermine the wisdom teachings, and
> offering us 'new think' instead.  It weakens us and
> much of the new age material is narcissistic and
> lulls us to sleep.  There are some positive insights
> and inspirations in some of this material, but it
> completely eludes the deeper mysteries of life and
> the soul. 

>   I feel that we live in a time of huge uncertainty,
> but the masses suspect nothing of what is happening,
> and to come.  This is a good time to remember
> ourselves, and face the inevitability of death--as
> comes to the physical body one way or another, but
> not to the inner self.  Thanks for sharing,

>   Christopher
Thank you those who have written, and I hope to add some more materials as I have time.  Revised and edited, February 20, 2007


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