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About the Author: Christopher Patrick Holmes graduated with a B.A. from Carleton University, Ottawa in 1971 and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Waterloo in 1978.  He taught at York University Downsview (Toronto), Ontario over an eleven year period, amidst controversy over his investigations of mystical and spiritual psychology, science and psychic phenomena.  His case was never adequately resolved as he had to move on in his life to support his family and maintain his existence, and could not deal with the slow wheals of justice. After being persecuted out of York University, Christopher worked as a psychologist for twelve years -- with young offenders at Bluewater Youth Centre, Goderich and with adult offenders at Rideau Correctional and Treatment Centre, Merrickville, Ontario.  He co-founded with Anita Mitra, three centers–the Institute for Mystical and Spiritual Science in Maple, Ontario, the Rainbow Centre in Toronto and  Zero Point in the Ottawa valley.   In 2003, he left the Ontario Ministry of Corrections to further his research, writing and teaching while working under the Zero Point logo.  In 2006, he woke up to the fraud of 9-11, which most dramatically changed his life and inner self-awareness, and the focus of his work. 

Dr. Holmes has studied widely in modern psychology and science as well as in the mystical and spiritual traditions. In his view, the mainstream of modern thought is seriously misguided in dismissing the spiritual and soul nature of human beings and failing to explore the deep roots of human consciousness and the heart.  Dr. Holmes explains that a science of soul and spirit must consider the physics, metaphysics and cosmology of consciousness.  Most importantly, it must also involve self study and awakening through the alchemy of psycho-spiritual transformation.  Christopher's other areas of interest are in modern physics, ancient metaphysics and creation studies.  He argues not only for 'intelligent design' in nature, but provides a model of such processes based on his mystical and scientific studies.  Most importantly, he regards living beings as having dynamic zero point centres rooted into the grounds of being--little divine source emanations, or Stars, rooted into the heavens.

Dr. Holmes has founded Zero Point, an Institute for Mystical and Spiritual Science to promote the investigation of the esoteric traditions and to bring these perspectives into relationship with modern psychology and science, and into the educational system.

Dr. Holmes draws from ancient esoteric teachings, modern science and personal experience, to provide an inspiring perspective on the mysteries of life, death & everything in between.  These teachings have applications within every aspect of one's life, and within every domain of modern knowledge.  This is not a belief system, group or cult. Christopher provides a unique synthesis of modern science and ancient wisdoms--with a focus on the explorations of human consciousness, physics and metaphysics.

Nocturnal Frequency
radio interviewwith Steve G.
Christopher talks of consciousness studies, zero points, a personal history
and critique of the old world psychiatric disorder

Strange Sky Objects, Serpents or UFO's

Christopher's recent photos of strange sky objects, UFOs or creatures of some kind.  Taken in Ottawa area in June and July of 2010.  For more photos and discussion, click here.  These objects or entities are routinely over the Ottawa, Ontario area. 

Recently viewed in New York Ciy.


Musical Favorites

Anonymous -- Illuminati

Live - Overcome

Sarah Brightman - Deliver Me  &  Eden
Pearl Jam -  I am Mine  & Alive  

Silent Running-Mike and the Mechanics

Pearl Jam – Masters of War (Bob Dylan)

  Kate Bush - And so is love
U2 - Love is Blindness   
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life  - My Immortal
Natalie Merchant - Break your Heart 
Bruce Springstein - Philadelphia
Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Don't Give Up    Peter Gabriel -  I Grieve
Papa Roach - Between Angels and Insects
Tea Party - Heaven Coming Down & Messenger
Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love 
Neil Young - Like a Hurricane
Neil Young & Pearl Jam -
 Keep on Rocking in the Free World
Peter Gabriel - Love to be Loved  
Bob Marley - So much trouble in the world Sun is Shining
Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash -  Highwayman  Johnny Cash - Hurt


Chemtrail poisoning of the Local Citizens
of Kemptville, Ontario

“… ‘Hasnamussian science,’ invented by certain pimpled beings among them,
in which it is nonchalantly proved that the periodic reciprocal destruction on the Earth is very, very necessary,
and that if it did not exist an intolerable overpopulation would result on the Earth,
and such economic horrors would ensure that men-beings  would begin to eat one another. …"
G. I. Gurdjieff -- Beelzebub's Tales

Ottawa Ontario

September 11, 2010 --  Chemtrails

On why the Canadian government allows a cabal
of psychopathic eugenicists and Satanists
to poison Canadian citizens with high atmospheric
chemtrail spraying containing neurotoxins, mood changers and cancer causings substances.  Your government loves you little sheep and is planning new inoculations and poisoned foods for your enjoyment, safety and ultimate demise. Wake up you stupid people.

The Canadian government is run by a hierarchy

of idiots, minions, perverts, pedophiles and psychopaths,
Satanists and Luciferians, Cabalists and Royalty,
all ultimately controlled by Reptilians and Lunatics.
And the whole lie is perpetrated by the Hasnamasses
in the media of lies and deception.
My goodness, what a cosmic Tale.
Unfortunately, it is true.

Videos of Christopher's talk at the United Lodge of Theosophist Conference
IONS California, August 2007

God, Science & The Secret Doctrine
  - Part I  
Part II,    Part III,    Part IV

Christopher on Coast to Coast Am with George Noory - February 2007

Part IPart II, Part III, Part IVPart V, Part VI, Part VII

You come from the Sun - thanks Felipe


  Between Angels and Insects




These lyrics are from the song Between Angels and Insects by the heavy metal group, Papa Roach.  Might such poets of the heart and soul really know something that the head scientists have not yet imagined?  That within the heart, there might be some big black hole, or mini-black hole, and that emptiness is in everything, especially at the Heart of Being.


the Gurdjieff tree

This illustration was given to Dr. Holmes by an inmate
who took his program
 in the Ontario Rideau Correctional Centre.

The illustration is based on a story about Gurdjieff explaining how 'nuts' might become oak trees.

dragonfly tales
and the magic of nature

 I scooped it up, from out of the water,
and set it in the sun, so it might dry... and then it  happened, 
 a certain kind of magic & madness in  life,
and when it was done with me,
I cracked.
(K.T.H. ~ P.D.B. ) - (author)
Visit DragonFly Tales


     History at York University -  The Strange Case of Professor Z
-- Chapter 4 of the brief to the Robert Rae Commission on Post Secondary Education in the Province of Ontario.

    --  An Approach to Correctional Work -
Paper presented to the American Mental Health in Corrections Conference:
On Awakening of Consciousness and the Heart in Criminal Offenders: 
An altermative approach to Correctional psychology


Christopher and his five children:-2006
Timothy, Alison, Peter, Matthew and Daniel


Please email Zero Point with any questions or comments, or to order our products. 
Dr. Holmes is only beginning to promote his writings and work after many years in relative obscurity. 
He has experienced various insights, revelations and illuminations throughout his life,
but is a living and loving individual out here in Space,  interested in teaching sincere seekers and conducting ongoing investigations
into the mysteries.  I am available for lectures, workshops and conference,
and am seeking publishers for my books and support for further research and writing. 

Donations to Zero Point
to support this website and Christopher's work are greatly appreciated, as we have no outside funding or support.  Donations can be made through to the email address of or by mail.  Thank you




Recent Writings

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