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December 9,  2011

for A New Age
for December 21, 2012
the illuminati's fabricated end date

Zero Point Proposal
for the Criminal Prosecution
of the World Elites, so-called,
for their Crimes against Humanity


1.  The Restoration of Human Justice,
the Rule of Law  &
the Enforcement of Canadian and International
 Anti-Terrorism Legislation
 against the True Terrorists of our Age

O dear, Canada as a democracy and sovereign nation has been lost; as have the U.S. and other western and European so-called democracies.  Atrocious lies and deceptions have been intentionally perpetrated by our governments, the corporate media and the corporate/financial elite against the citizenry of our countries.  These include lies about the 9-11 terrorist events, the lies of U. S., Canadian (and NATO) involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the selling off of national resources and the transfer of wealth to the international banksters, the poisoning and sickening of the Canadian and American population and environment through chemtrail poisoning, inoculations, GM foods, additives, and so much more.  In total, these criminal activities of our government and the criminal cabals which control them violate all kinds of Canadian law—from the support and financing of terrorism, to accessories after the fact to mass murder, the obstruction of justice, criminal racketeering, the administration of toxic substances, theft and bank fraud, conspiracy to commit mass murder and much more—in addition to violating all standards of morality, decency and even common sense. As noted by J. E. Hoover, former head of the FBI:  “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”  The psychopathic elite, the plutocrats and such who came to deceive the human race, are both psychopathic and severely mentally disordered.  As it happens, they are also then to be exposed for their “inner nullity” and insignificance.  Perverts, pedophiles, psychopaths and parasites came to gain control of our nations, so-called proud and free—what a joke. 

Unfortunately, the conspiracy theories were never simply just theories but these theories are supported by a vast wealth of criminal evidence of all kinds and are the only way of making intelligible the tragedy of what has been perpetrated within Canada as indeed around the world—all hidden from the sheep people of the world by the corporate media of lies.  The corporate media of lies actually helped to stage the 9-11 events so as to traumatize and condition the American and world public to accept American war crimes to be perpetrated around the world, but particularly within the Middle East.

There is no doubt that the 9-11 attacks on the New York Trade Towers and such were a terrorist event.  However, the American and Canadian governments, instead of prosecuting the true perpetrators of these crimes, have instead colluded with these criminal cabals in order to maintain the deception of the population and they have allowed a hate filled media to blame Muslims for these crimes.  This has made the Canadian government co-conspirators and supporters themselves of this terrorist agenda.  The Prime Minister and cabinet no longer serve the Canadian public but have joined forces with the terrorists with their plans for global dominance, a police state society and the pseudosciences of eugenics. This certainly maintains a supply of funds and media influence for the mainstream political parties. Our elected politicians have sold their souls and betrayed the Canadian people, as indeed governments around the world have betrayed their populaces.  The Conservative party of Canada is now a terrorist organization, obstructing international justice, as are the Liberal, NDP and Greens parties.  All have become complicit in supporting the terrorist activities and schemes of the so-called elites, failing to investigate 9-11 and allowing varied criminal corporate activities in service of their new world psychiatric disordered global government by criminal psychopaths and Satanists. 

The Canadian people have been betrayed not only by our government but also by the criminal racketeering and treasonous activities of the RCMP, the provincial police services, the intelligence and military communities, and by the judiciary.  Senior people within these services have failed to uphold the laws of Canada, their oaths of office or any semblance of morality. They have betrayed the trust of Canadians and without the restoration of justice within Canada, our future is only one of sickening, wars and violence, death camps, inoculations and implants, and all the deviant eugenics plans of the pseudo-elites and their so-called ‘new world order,’ which is really an ‘old world psychiatric disorder.’  At this time in human history, the world has fallen into chaos, with world wide wars, disease and death.

Canada only has a future if we can reverse these trends and re-establish the rule of laws—the actual enforcement of the anti-terrorism legislation and the restoration of human justice within Canadian society.  Fortunately, a world wide truth movement has gathered momentum, as people wake up to the crimes of their governments and the shadow elites who control them, and the intentional public deceptions of the corporate media.  A huge volume of evidence has coalesced to reveal the truly cruel and despicable acts which have been perpetrated against the Canadian people and against peoples around the world.

Although the terrorist attacks of 9-11 were indeed tragic and the souls of the victims cry out for justice, at least the evidences surrounding this event can precipitate the exposure of who the true terrorists of our age really are.  They are not Osama Bin Laden and his reindeer—but they are within our society and unfortunately they also control the Canadian government and police—as a shadow government, as they control the governments of the United States, Britain, and indeed almost all the countries of the world.  These international terrorist organizations are indeed Zionists and Masons, banksters and corporate elites, and even royalties and whoring priests—quite a sad lot, should all be in Cuba where it is quite hot. 

The enormity of their crimes and their betrayal of the Canadian people now make it impossible to any longer ignore the elephant in the room—the spider with all of its webs of deceit and lies and entanglements.  Awakening to these facts is a shocking experience and must lead to a reconsideration of everything one thought one knew—about our country as a democracy, about the justice and police services within our society, and about the corporate media which has enabled such devious and unscrupulous schemes to be perpetrated against us as citizens. 

If Canadians cannot address these crimes, Canada has no future other than your impoverishment, enslavement, sickness and death.  This also will be the future for your children and grandchildren, if you have any.  We are facing our last chance to save this beautiful nation of Canada, to save our own lives and rise up to protect future generations, and re-establish the rule of law and impartial justice within Canadian society and attempt to have a broader influence within the world community.  Are there no nations left whose leaders still believe in truth or justice, or anyone who has still some nobility or uprightness of heart?  Indeed, the situation of humanity is most tragic and so-much unnecessary suffering and despair has been our lot.

The zero point proposal is for the application of the anti-terrorist legislation around the world to the true terrorists of our age, as of the past ages.  The criminal prosecution of these elites and the seizure of their assets would indeed reduce all national debts world wide to zero.  All national debts to international bankster cartels would be reduced to zero and all sovereign assets returned to the peoples of respective nations.  Furthermore, the government figures around the world who have participated in these crimes would be brought before truth hearings and be appropriately charged for their criminal involvement.


We have only to use logic and evidence and apply the principles of Canadian law against the true terrorists.  IF this were done and the police actually functioned as the upholders of the law again, then instead of being controlled by these same cabals, then Canada would indeed be transformed as would all the nations of the Earth.  Peoples around the world could enter a new era or age of wealth, health and longevity, and awakening unlike any in Canadian or world history.  The actual application of the anti-terrorist legislation around the world would bring about a world wide social and spiritual renewal, enabling new stages of the awakening of consciousness and human evolution--your evolution.  There would indeed be innovations throughout all levels and sectors of our society. 

We have only to use logic and evidence, and apply the principles of Canadian law against the true terrorists.  According to Canadian legislation:


“terrorist activity” means:

(a) an act or omission that is committed in or outside Canada and that, if committed in Canada, is one of the following offences:

(b) an act or omission, in or outside Canada,

(i) that is committed  (A) in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause, and

(B) in whole or in part with the intention of intimidating the public, or a segment of the public, with regard to its security, including its economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a domestic or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing any act, whether the public or the person, government or organization is inside or outside Canada, and

(ii) that intentionally

(A) causes death or serious bodily harm to a person by the use of violence,

(B) endangers a person’s life,

(C) causes a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or any segment of the public,

(D) causes substantial property damage, whether to public or private property, if causing such damage is likely to result in the conduct or harm referred to in any of clauses (A) to (C), or

(E) causes serious interference with or serious disruption of an essential service, facility or system … 

and includes a conspiracy, attempt or threat to commit any such act or omission, or being an accessory after the fact or counselling in relation to any such act or omission …

“terrorist group” means

(a) an entity that has as one of its purposes or activities facilitating or carrying out any terrorist activity, or (b) a listed entity, and includes an association of such entities.

FInancing  of Terrorism


Providing or collecting property for certain activities

83.02 Every one who, directly or indirectly, wilfully and without lawful justification or excuse, provides or collects property intending that it be used or knowing that it will be used, in whole or in part, in order to carry out

(a) an act or omission that constitutes an offence referred to in subparagraphs (a)(i) to (ix) of the definition of “terrorist activity” in subsection 83.01(1), or

(b) any other act or omission intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to a civilian or to any other person not taking an active part in the hostilities in a situation of armed conflict, if the purpose of that act or omission, by its nature or context, is to intimidate the public, or to compel a government or an international organization to do or refrain from doing any act,

is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years.

2001, c. 41, s. 4.

Providing, making available, etc., property or services for terrorist purposes

83.03 Every one who, directly or indirectly, collects property, provides or invites a person to provide, or makes available property or financial or other related services

(a) intending that they be used, or knowing that they will be used, in whole or in part, for the purpose of facilitating or carrying out any terrorist activity, or for the purpose of benefiting any person who is facilitating or carrying out such an activity, or

(b) knowing that, in whole or part, they will be used by or will benefit a terrorist group,

is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years.

2001, c. 41, s. 4.


Freezing of property

83.08 (1) No person in Canada and no Canadian outside Canada shall knowingly

(a) deal directly or indirectly in any property that is owned or controlled by or on behalf of a terrorist group;

(b) enter into or facilitate, directly or indirectly, any transaction in respect of property referred to in paragraph (a); or

(c) provide any financial or other related services in respect of property referred to in paragraph (a) to, for the benefit of or at the direction of a terrorist group.


Terrorist activity is defined so as to include activities which are in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause.”   Certainly, the activities of the financial and corporate elites are for such “ideological purposes”—to bring about their so-called “new world order” and to support the population reduction programs propagated by such as Henry Kissinger, the Club of Rome, agencies within the United Nations (especially the World Health Organization), the varied Rockefeller and Tavistock think-tanks, and the pharmaceutical mafia. The criminal elites, so-called, also have criminal ideological purposes—to establish British/American/Israeli, and UN military dominance around the world and to institute a world wide fascist terrorist state, while reducing world population through war and varied forms of poisoning.

The political and ideological objectives of these groups, who actually staged the 9-11 terrorist attacks to advance their agenda, clearly are intended to “cause death or serious bodily harm to a person by the use of violence, endangers a person’s life, causes a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or any segment of the public, causes substantial property damage, and causes serious interference with or serious disruption of an essential service, facility or system.…”   The psychopathic agendas of the pseudo-elites, the crème of the gangsters and banksters who have high jacked our nations, clearly violate all of these principles.

In order to reclaim Canada as a nation, these anti-terrorism laws have to be applied.  The names of the individuals, banks and corporations involved in perpetrating the 9-11 attacks and serving to perpetuate the fraud, and trying to bring about the new world psychiatric disorder system are generally known and indeed largely matters of public record.  The attendance sheets for the Bilderbergs, the names of those on the CFR and in the Rockefeller think-tanks, the identities of the corporations engaged in criminal practices, are all available within the public domain.   Indeed, the fortunes of these terrorists should be frozen and seized within the domain of Canada, as indeed they should be around the world by the peoples of the respective countries involved, all under our respective anti-terrorist legislation.

Of course, not everyone in any of these groups is guilty by association and each individual needs to tried or heard separately so as to reveal their true involvement and the extent of their complicity.  Such trials need to be held publicly and broadcast through the media to expose these individuals and to enable the awakening and education of Canadian and world citizenry.

Most likely, the seizure of the assets of this international criminal cartel would in fact pay off the Canadian national debt, as it would pay off the national debts around the world, as accrued to these terrorist organizations.  The IMF and World Bank clearly show a history of involvement in terrorist and criminal activities around the world.  The re-establishment of truth and justice within our societies, would indeed allow for seizure of the assets of the elites around the world.  Clearly, such a transition within our society could enable a truly new age of wealth and abundance within nations around the world.

Of course, almost everyone considers that this could never be done and indeed it is not clear that it can, but this is the only hope for Canadians and for peoples around the world to climb out of the massive public debt and death traps set for them for these international criminal cabals, and to bring the real mass murderers and war profiteers to justice for their crimes against humanity.

Canadians must demand immediate public and criminal investigation of the lies of the 9/11 attacks on the US and for criminal investigations of the RCMP, CSIS and Military Intelligence in Canada, as well as into such other psychopathic policing services around the world: particularly, MI6, the Mossad, the CIA and NSA.  In addition, we need investigations of the dominant political parties who have colluded in obstructing justice for the 9-11 events, for sacrificing Canadian soldiers in a war based on deception, for helping to perpetrate American war crimes and for colluding in advancing the new world order agenda.  The psychopathic agenda of our shadow government is further enabling the impoverishment and sickening of citizens.  A wide range of individuals within multinational banks and corporations, and the corporate media require to be charged for a wide range of criminal and treasonous activities.  The wealth and assets of these banks, the multinational corporations and the corporate media found to be guilty of participating in these schemes, will all be seized by the national governments and held in trust for the peoples of the respective nations. 
The general objective of these seizures will not be for the Canadian government to retain these assets but rather to evaluate their worth and then to enable the people who work for these corporations or businesses to assume ownership of the said companies and assets.  Thus, for example, the media outlets will all continue to report the news and provide programming and most employees will retain their jobs, but the people who work for the media will come to own their own business over time while required to repay the Canadian government for the value of the assets (while paying 0% interest on their loans for a period of seven years).  Corporations and business will come to be owned by the people who operate and maintain them, instead of the corporate criminals and mobsters, and will serve the true needs of Canadians. Anyone within the media who intentionally deceives the public in their reporting will be immediately fired and subject to criminal prosecution.  The media will no longer be allowed to devise war propaganda, public deceptions, lies and disinformation, but will be dedicated to revealing to the public all the lies they have been told over the last decades of their existence. 
The former government and corporate elite, senior officers and military personnel will face 9-11 truth hearings and be criminally sentenced for diverse crimes against humanity and the Canadian people, treason, war crimes and criminal racketeering. We need to use none of the criminal and torturous methods used by these people themselves.  Their trials have to be made public and be reported impartially throughout the media.  They will be retired from public and corporate life, and depending upon the severity of their crimes, released over time as they come forth to speak the truth and contribute to a renewed Canada.

I would recommend in all seriousness, that the primary group of these elites in Canada be held at the Montebello resort facility in Quebec, not far from Ottawa where these peoples will face public trials and hearings.  The resort, which once hosted the three banditos—Calderone, Bush and Harper, conspiring to bring in the SPP can be renamed as the Montebello Hospital for the Criminally Insane—and reserved for those who have participated in attempting to create their new world psychiatric disordered society.  The elites can all be elites together for intercourse among themselves.  We will protect the Canadian people with a pack of guard dogs, as the police seem incapable of maintaining or upholding Canadian, international or humanitarian law. 

Montebello Hostpital for the Criminally Insane will provide a nice facility for them, where they can enjoy each others fine company and celebrate their victories together.  No staff will be required to work within the facility, but only to surround it so as to protect the people of the surrounding country.  Food and supplies will be provided and the residents can cook and clean for themselves, and have all the internal politics and relationships as they may choose.  We will  provide them with GM and irradiated foods, Coca Cola and Pepsi with aspartame, fluoridated water, and a series of inoculations for flues, cervical cancer and viruses, and their own chip implants—to assured public safety and as a means of keeping records of their canteen funds.  The residents will have access to TV’s and radio where they can listen to all the past corporate media coverage of their own lies and deceits; although internet access will be restricted so that they can no longer infect the larger population with their memes.

As the truth of 9-11 is explored and those involved come forward to speak the truth, a whole web of criminality will be unravelled, which will eventually result in the complete paying off of Canada’s national debt, as it would for all countries around the world, and for the return of a vast wealth to the peoples of Canada and all sovereign nations.  Governments around the world would acquire a wide range of wealthy corporations and businesses, all of which can be revamped and used, and most employees will retain their jobs.  The primary changes will be in ownership at executive levels.  These corporate and business assets will be assigned financial values and continue to be worked by the people employed there. Over time, the government will be paid for the assets through the profits of the businesses.  These funds will be loaned at zero percent interest.  The value of legitimate stocks and investment in these companies by those not involved in the new world psychiatric disorder system will be honoured, such that innocent people will not lose their savings, pension funds and wealth through this period of transition.  In fact, efforts need to be made to return monies to pension plans and individuals who wealth has been depleted over the past years through the criminal activities of these elites, enabled by the corruption of the mainstream political parties.

Charges will be brought against such corporate entities as the major pharmaceutical companies, Monsantos, the major oil companies and numerous other multinational companies who have assumed roles in the sickening of the national populations, for violating the human rights of planetary citizens, for corrupting the medical system, for intentionally undermining the manufacturing sector of our society and for the commission of bank fraud and criminal racketeering.  The senior management within these companies will also be charged for crimes their companies have committed in foreign countries.

All of the major political parties need to be investigated for criminal racketeering, treason, and for allowing for the intentional poisonings of the Canadian peoples—through chemtrails, food additives, genetically modified foods, the fluoridation of the water, inoculation programs, and the use of invisible electronic and psychotropic weapons against the population.  They need to be charged also with the theft of public funds and bank fraud, as accessories to mass murder and as co-conspirator in terrorist and treasonous activities.   All of those involved in the criminal activities of the criminal elites of the New World Order fanatics will have all of their assets and wealth seized within Canada and held in trust for the Canadian peoples—to pay off the national debt and bring about a new century of investment in Canada for the peoples of Canada. 

There will need also to be a series of criminal investigations into those professional bodies and groups which have maintained a conspiracy of silence about the programs perpetrated within our society and/or who participated actively in them.  This includes investigations of the Medical and Psychiatric societies, Health Canada, the Psychological Associations, the association of University professors and academic circles.  Doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, who have a history of violating the Hippocratic oath will lose their licences; Pilots who have sprayed the citizenry of Canada with poisons will lose their licenses and face prison terms; Media personnel who have betrayed the public for so many years will be retired from public life and face prison terms for their roles as conspirators. 

The media personnel can also receive David Rockefeller mass murderer buttons for their service to the psychopathic world elite, all the while intentionally deceiving their fellow citizens. Military and police personnel who have violated Canadian laws will be retired from their positions. Those academics who provided the rational and strategies for the new world psychiatric disordered system will be retired from academic life and charged for their conspiracies to commit mass murder through their eugenics plans.  The finances of all of those involved in these areas will be reviewed and their ill-gotten gains from the past years and decades will be seized.  Further, they will all be required to testify before public bodies and inquiries, or else to be imprisoned indefinitely until which time they choose to come forth to speak the truth. 

Canada will issue arrest warrants for those individuals from foreign countries who have also been involved in the new world psychiatric disordered system;  individuals such as David Rockefeller and mass murderers such as George Bush and Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, and eugenicist Bill Gates, and so on.  Such terrorists will no longer to be protected by a corrupted police force if they attempt to visit Canada but would instead be arrested by police services.  We will seek extraditions from foreign countries and seize the assets of foreign criminals present within Canada.


The restoration of justice within Canada is the only way to a new age within our country and indeed around the world.  The crimes of the scumbag elites run as bloodstains through human history and we, the people of Canada and America, and world citizens, Will by the Grace of God, take back our countries and expose the criminality of the corrupted gangsters who have destroyed all the ideals upon which our nations are founded.  Otherwise, we have no future except as sickened and enslaved citizens, with the mark of the Beast upon our right hand or forehead. 


The elites are a serious group of psychopathic and perverted men and woman who rose to the top as torturers and demons within our modern society.  Until this scourge is deal with, we will live in an increasingly nightmarish Orwellian world run by Zionist gangsters and war criminals, banksters and corporate criminals, perverted police, military and religious leadership.  Humankind could be secure again to live natural lives when these new world order folk all have the mark of the Beast upon them and are safely tucked away for intercourse among themselves. 

What sad and pathetic nations we have become and we have now to have the courage or 'uprightness of heart' to take back our countries and re-establish the rule of law—applying the anti-terrorism legislation to imprison these psychopaths before they destroy our country, your children and the larger world.  This is our only hope, for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, for seven generations.  By December 21, 2012, the aim is to achieve a world wide awareness of such a course of action, to bring about the reduction of all national debts of the world to zero, the imprisonment of these psychopaths around the world, and the liberation of humankind for a new age of abundance, health and spiritual awakening.

2.  International Relations, National Security

& The Role of the Military

  “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war

American president would have been hanged.”  Norm Chomsky

If Canadians could wrestle control of our government from the so-called elites—the corporate and banking gangsters, we would face a major problem in re-evaluating our relationships with other countries which are similarly controlled by these same devious psychopathic groups.  The United States has committed major war crimes against the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq, and through the CIA and other agencies, have spread violence and chaos around the world over the last decades, all the while intentionally deceiving the American public. 

The activities of the CIA and these cabals are estimated to have been implicated in the mass murder of approximately tens of millions of people around the world since the conclusion of the Second World War.The criminal American, or should we say British-US-Israeli shadow government has perpetrated war crimes under the pretext of hunting down Osama Bin Laden and Muslim terrorists and invaded sovereign countries for purposes of imperialist world-domination—and for their gods of gold, oil and drugs, sex slaves, and military dominance.  Almost two million people have died from the most recent near east excursions and many millions more left homeless, impoverished, sickened, traumatized and injured through these war crimes.  In fact, the history of modern America is a history of mass murdering peoples around the world—Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iran, Central and South America—to further American military dominance and in service of the international financers, aristocrats and corporations.  The American government has been high jacked by criminal elements and Zionist controllers, and allowed the American public to be intentionally deceived about the causes of war and American criminal activity throughout the world.  On the international level, the United States of America is one of the key terrorist organizations of modern times.

Israel is similarly guilty of terrorist activities and war crimes—ranging from Israeli involvement in the 9-11 attacks, the wars against Lebanon, Palestine, the ongoing genocide against the peoples of Gaza, and other terrorist attacks around the world—the 7/7 London subway bombings, the assassination of John Kennedy,  the Mumbai attacks and so many more.  The Zionist fanatics who control Israel also control the United States government as well as the Canadian government, along with other prominent gangsters.

We as Canadians have to realize that the United States, Israel and Great Britain are an axis of evil posing a far more serious threat to us than that of Muslim extremists, Iran, Korea, Russia and China, all put together.  Of course, these countries are also run by other criminal gangs and pose threats as well which cannot be denied.  However, the CIA, the Mossad, and MI 6 are terrorist organizations which have spread terror around the world through their black operations—hit teams, bombing, arming and financing terrorist groups, overthrowing popular governments and assassinating political and social leaders. 

The United States has over seven hundred military bases in over 130 countries around the world and always serves the deviant and criminal ends of the corporate and banking elites, and not the true needs of the American people or those of other native peoples.  Hollywood spews out movies making Americans out as if they are some big heroes while the lies of the wars are always concealed from the public.  The military budget of the US, on so-called ‘defence spending,’ is equal to the military budgets of all other countries on earth combined.  This has been part of the elite’s plans to use the US military to gain world domination  and to impoverish the American people through this means—along with their banking fraud and Wall Street racketeering.  Weapons of warfare and for mass murder are the primary export of the US and the elites are happy to sponsor both sides of conflicts and arms build up.

Canada has participated in the war crimes of the American people against the peoples of Afghanistan and Libya and sacrificed our servicemen—not in the name of peace keeping nor protecting ourselves from foreign terrorist threats, but rather for the military-industrial and financial elites to further their fanatical plans for a new world psychiatric disordered state—a one world government with a group of psychopaths at its helm.  The American dream turned into the American nightmare.  Of course, the majority of the American public are like the Canadian public—simply deceived like sheep through the corporate media and the brainwashing fashioned through the so-called educational system.    The criminal invasion of the middle-east has constituted crimes against humanity and embodies the same type of new world psychiatric disorder agenda as conceived by Adolph Hitler and other Zionist and Communist fanatics through human history.

The Canadian government and superior officers within in the Canadian military, the RCMP and CSIS have intentionally deceived military personnel as to the real causes of the war in Afghanistan and allowed the citizens of Canada to be so deceived!  They have become accessories after the fact to mass murder, war crimes and international terrorism.    Canada now violates its own laws allowing uranium to be mined and exported for military purposes, while imprisoning native elders who protest the destruction and theft of their lands.   In 2008, Prime Minister Harper has pledged $800 million towards vehicles for Canadian forces to be used in Canada and to be manufactured in the US.  Apparently, these are likely trucks and prison vans to transport people to prison camps and jails, and to enable the increasing militarization of our society.  This so-called war on terrorism has been a complete fraud—blamed on Muslims but concocted by the elites for your nightmare in a fascist state.  The only terrorists that the police and intelligence community can find in ten years of the ‘war or terror,’ are those individuals set up and entrapped by the police services themselves!   The RCMP make no effort, along with the Canadian government, CSIS, and the military to capture the true terrorists of our age.  It has all been a fraud! 

Why does the Canadian military allow Canadians to be sprayed from the skies with chemical poisoning, while we sacrifice our service men in a war based on deceptions and war crimes?  Instead, the media and our governments divert attention elsewhere and intentionally deceive the Canadian public.  The masters of war do indeed make millions and billions for the elites who scheme the whole thing and deceive the public through their Hollywood tales and corporate media, used as propaganda and all the deceits propagated through the educational system.

A responsible Canadian government could play a role within the international scene demanding that the world community face the ugly truths of 9-11 and the criminal activities of the elites.  We demand that these people be exposed and prosecuted for their innumerable crimes against the people of Canada and against humanity.  All NATO countries have deceived their own peoples about the underlying causes of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and have made no efforts to arrest the real terrorists!   Similarly, the United Nations has betrayed the trust of the world’s citizenry and has been complicit in concealing the criminal activities of the world elites.  From its inception, the United Nations was built on land donated by the Rockefeller clan, while giving refuge to the worst of the Nazis through operation Paperclip, and it has always long served the agendas of the elitists and eugenicists, torturers and perverts.

Canada will take these concerns to the United Nations and demand 9-11 truth hearings be held before the international audience with exposure of the criminal activities of the United Nations in their contributions to the eugenics programs of the elites.  Canada will similarly demand that the truth be brought out at the NATO meetings and that trials are held for the true world terrorists, mass murderers and their minions throughout the military and police communities who have enabled these crimes.  Canada respects the sovereignty of other countries and asks nations of the world to respect our sovereignty.  Whether or not Canada would maintain its membership in the UN and NATO would depend upon the criminal activities of these groups being exposed to public scrutiny.

The truth shall set humankind free of these insidious influences and the corruption within our government, the corporate/financial communities and international bodies—such as NATO and the United Nations.  At the same time, there is a need for international organizations and treaties if these can are not controlled by the international cartels of banksters and elitists. 

The Canadian government would seek out opportunities upon the world stage to fashion treaties with countries supportive of the demand for truth and justice in the world—through the exposure and imprisonment of the criminal elites.  We would seek to form alliances with countries or groups who similarly demand international justice and who will respect Canadian sovereignty.  Canada desires to maintain ‘fair trade’ will any other country of the world, including our major partner of the US, but we will to live in truth and freedom instead of being imprisoned as slaves by a psychiatrically disorder group of Zionists, banksters, corporate criminals and professional deceivers.  Canada will form alliances with similarly minded political, social and cultural groups around the world, all to expose the new world psychiatrically disorder scheme and to bring these people to justice worldwide. 

Canadians must demand the immediate removal of all American, British and Israeli military personal, police and secret services from Canada, and all NATO or UN forces.  Canada will renegotiate or overturn treaties allowing US, UN or any foreign military or police services onto Canadian soil.  We demand that the HAARP facility in Alaska be shut down immediately until there is a full public exposure of HAARP uses and practices, and that all practices of chemtrail spraying and weather modification be stopped immediately, to be followed by public hearings and criminal prosecutions of those involved in these terrorist activities. 

Canadian troops should be returned immediately from Afghanistan and all other corrupted UN and NATO involvements.   Soldiers would be used on Canadian soil to defend our country from foreign forces and to secure the transition of Canada back to its democratic principles and charter.  The military will be needed to provide security at facilities to be seized by the government, to take part in the imprisonment of corrupted gangsters who have committed such crimes against the people of Canada, and to disarm the quasi-military security forces which have been formed within our nation.  The Military will further be required to hold public military hearings to charge the superior levels of military control and intelligence for their treasonous activities and their involvement of Canadian military in the illegal war crimes of the United States against the people of Afghanistan and Libya. These hearing will be public and covered extensively throughout the media.  

It is incumbent upon the military to defend Canada from enemies both domestic and foreign, and at this time, Canada needs its Canadian forces to re-establish civil liberties, the rule of law and the principles of democracy within Canada.  The Canadian peoples are being poisoned now from the skies through chemtrail spraying by actual terrorists.  The real terrorist threat to Canadians is not to be found in the desecrated lands of Afghanistan, but within Canada and the criminal elite who have highjacked the government of our nation. We demand that the Canadian military defend the Canadian people from the domestic terrorism and poisoning. Canadians need to support our military and provide more funding for our servicemen and women.  There will be also be criminal investigations of medical and psychiatric experimentation conducted on Canadian public and servicemen/women.  We do not want a government carrying on black operations against its own citizens and those who have done so, deserve to be exposed and prosecuted for their involvement.

Further, the Canadian people are currently at risk within our own country from whatever false flag terrorist events which the elites will stage in order to further advance their agenda or to prevent exposure and imprisonment.  We need Canadian soldiers to help deal with this situation as the elites have an arsenal of weapons that can be used and are being used domestically.  They have biological, nuclear and energetic weapons which they can use to stage false flag terrorist events within Canada, to tell you new lies and create new imaginary enemies while bringing about martial law and their fascist police state.  The Canadian military needs to assume a role in helping to deal with the emergency situation as now exists within Canada, and as will be schemed by these fanatics.

The future contribution of Canadian soldiers to international efforts will be considered over time and according to circumstance.  There are certainly aspects of a world government which could have served humankind if it has not been so infected with the poisons of the elites and their eugenics philosophies, their sexual perversions and greed.  It is unfortunate that the United Nations was so corrupted from its inception, as indeed the Earth does require some form of international body to expose the criminal activities of the elites through modern history, and to revaluate all existing treaties, and such, which will require to be modified in light of the truths revealed. 


The call is one for international law and order, and the application and enforcement of the terrorist legislation against those who have been perpetrating the nightmare scenario of these international criminal cabals.  The wealth of these elites, of those who have and are participating in this old world psychiatrically disordered system, needs to be seized around the world, reducing all national debts world wide to zeo, while bringing to justice, those corrupted politicians who have colluded within these global crime syndicates.

3.  A New Age Utopian Society

or an Old Age Nightmare?


When Karen and I woke up to the deception of 9-11, we realized shortly afterwards, that 9-11 was only a symptom of a much more pervasive sickness and evil which has overtaken the so-called democratic and civilized countries of the western world.  Our country, our politicians, our media, our educators and doctors, our police and military have all been infiltrated from within through the past generations.  Our society has become completely corrupted in a way that has effected almost every aspect of our lives and yet the masses of citizens are completely asleep to it all.  The mass hypnosis of western society has been very effectively carried out while the sheep people are led to slaughter.

The sheep people have been intentionally ‘socially engineered’ and deceived about all major national and international events throughout the course of their lives.  The elites have rewritten history, fabricated innumerable lies and falsities, and kept real knowledge and scientific inventions from the public.   This massive public deception based on propaganda and lies has been perpetrated through the corporate media and Hollywood.  While the citizens were lulled into sleep, the countries of America and Canada have been highjacked, as have the countries of Europe and around the world.  Most people have a completely imaginary idea of what is really being done now within our society, and what our true history has been.  Citizens imagine that their politicians serve them; that the media informs them; that their teachers educate them; and their doctors maintain their health.  They imagine that the police actually capture the real criminals and terrorists, and that there is justice within our court and legal system.  The TV, newspapers and magazines all maintain such deceptions, while a psychopathic elite laugh at the goyem being led to sickness, impoverishment and slaughter. 

You are being sprayed with chemical poisons from your sky, whether or not you are intelligent and brave enough to look and see, and grasp the horror of this.  The same people who are spraying you with chemtrails, or poisoning you with food additives and inoculations, are also, the same ones who brought you the 9-11 terrorist attacks, bombings, mass shootings, assassinations and terrorism around the world.  As the motto of the Mossad suggests:  “By means of deception, we wage war”—and they have, endlessly.  Tens of millions of people have been murdered by these psychopathic elite and at this time they are bringing us ever closer to a World War III or IV, as Israel threatens new war crimes against the people of Iran, which could well escalate into broader world conflict.  America, in service of the global elite, is positioning more and more weaponry around the world, so that the psychopaths can play their chess board games, sacrificing pawns and the masses of humankind.  Global conflict is increasingly likely, as Russia and China are well aware of the psychopathic agendas of NATO and world Zionism. 

This is really all so insane, so unnecessary and tragic.  Humankind has never known life apart from the insidious activities of these elites through modern times.  And now, for your nightmare, they are fashioning a police-surveillance state, spreading illness and poisons, while violating all the noble principles and ideals of our nations.  

Humankind is at a turning point where either we descend further into the hell worlds that these psychopathic elite concoct for the human race, or else, we make the effort to take back our societies and demand the enforcement of our own and international anti-terrorism laws to bring the real terrorist to justice around the world.  This needs to include the psychopathic elites and those government officials who have colluded in all of these schemes.  Imagine that, that your members of Parliament think that it is quite fine that you citizens be sprayed from the sky with aluminium, barium, strontium and other poisons, or that Canadian soldiers die in criminal wars based on lies.   They belie the truth with every word they utter and are a disgrace to us as a nation.  The Houses of PARLIAMENT have become the Houses of CRIMINALS and your informative corporate media all deserve thank you buttons from David Rockefeller for helping to enable such multiple mass murders so effectively through the years. 

Humanity’s future lay in the balance and the only way of attaining a new age or utopian society is through the actual enforcement of the anti-terrorist legislation against the true terrorists of our age.  Otherwise, there will be genocides on a scale that dwarf the atrocities of the past decades, while the Earth is increasingly desecrated and poisoned.  Without the restoration of impartial justice, humankind will sink into a new dark age and it is only a matter of time, before you and your children and grandchildren are the victims of these psychopaths. 

The re-establishment of law and righteousness within the world would truly bring about a new age—of prosperity, planetary healing and spiritual awakening.  Humankind would discover all kinds of things they never knew—about history, their lives and most importantly, themselves.   A RAPTURE could indeed sweep the world as the Stars shine, the truth is revealed and liberation music fills the hearts and minds of humankind once again.  The elites can be tucked away in their camps for intercourse among themselves, with the mark of the Beast upon them, within the hells of their own design, and humankind can attain liberation from these forces of Satanism, Luciferianism and Zionism. 

Imagine such a world, which would indeed be filled with wonder, love and discovery. 



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